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Kota Kinabalu, Get in from New York via Seoul[edit]

You have recently been editing the Kota Kinabalu Get in By Plane, section.

It is not necessary to separate out Seoul, Korea as a destination for special emphasis. The nearby areas ("Peninsular Malaysia", "Sarawak" and "Within Sabah") have separate paragraphs as they are nearby and many visitors may be transiting through those three places. Seoul however is reasonably considered to be just another destination along with several "other destinations" listed and as such requires no special treatment of emphasis in the article. If the bulk of the visitors to Kota Kinabalu were by some chance coming exclusively from Seoul, or from New York via Seoul then that would justify such treatment, however that is not the case here.

From your own personal experience it may appear that detail on how to get to Kota Kinabalu from New York via Seoul is important information to include, however you must understand that is not the case for the majority of visitors to this destination. Connections to New York in Seoul using Asiana Airlines are best dealt with in the appropriate section of the Seoul article.

Somewhat more concerning is that you have ignored the three recent reverts of your edits regarding the Seoul detail in the Kota Kinabalu article and you seem insistent on doing placing special emphasis on the Seoul destination and a New York connection using Asiana Airlines. If you for some reason think there is a supportable justification for giving Seoul, Korea or Asiana Airlines special emphasis in the Kota Kinabalu article then please raise the matter on the Discussion page for the article and state your reasons there. Please do not just edit the detail back in again without explaining your motives on the Discussion page first.

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