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OK, so I see that you've figured out how to add subtle links to your favorite restaurant nearly everywhere. Please don't do that. It's just going to get rolled back anyhow, probably quickly.

Meanwhile, I'm not deleting the stuff from Cincinnati 'cause it seems like a useful contribution. If you could do more real stuff like that it would be great. -- Mark 04:07, 30 Mar 2004 (EST)

This anonymous user has been inserting text including in various articles. Such activity is vandalism. - Huttite 04:03, 30 Mar 2004 (EST)

  • The content of the Ohio page appears acceptable and should not be reverted out of hand. Contains a reference to the Brown Dog Cafe. - Huttite 04:09, 30 Mar 2004 (EST)
Actually we just collided again. I was about to say the same thing, though I'm not sure links to individual restos is quite what we would usually want on a US State page like that... Oh well, it's a judgement call. -- Mark 04:12, 30 Mar 2004 (EST)
Its on the state page, and can be moved to the respective city pages when anyone wants to do so - Huttite 04:14, 30 Mar 2004 (EST)
Yeah, you're right. Good move. Hopefully will read this, and realize that we value real contributions, but not tomfoolery. -- Mark 04:23, 30 Mar 2004 (EST)
Have reverted remaining edits on Ohio and edited Cincinnati to follow the Manual of Style Huttite 05:16, 30 Mar 2004 (EST)

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