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Dear Sir, I think your deletion of the names of all Calcutta based agents was a bit harsh, as there was not just one particular travel agent but many travel agents. and sir, trips to Sundarbans need the arranging of boats , transport by vehicles and arranging permits for boats, guides and a lot of paraphernalia. Who has all the time to do that consiidering the Indian way of functioning.

It was not patronising any one travel agent, so I think you should reconsider undoing the edit.

Hi, Wiki policy states that :

Tours can be listed on Wikitravel as long as they constitute a value-added activity. If a traveler could fulfill the substance of the tour on their own, the tour should not be listed.

Well,in your opinion, can everyone organise a Geological tour or a Zoology or Biology tour or a botany tour or a birding tour on their own. Are these activities not "Value added activity". So, if I visit Indonesia, will I get the services of a Zoologist, botanist, Geologist, etc just by asking anyone there.? It may be so, but my dear friend, don't compare the situation in Indonesia with the situation in India or for the matter Sunderban.

So why are you deleting tour companies which are providing value adding activities.They are a source of information for people visiting those places.

And one more thing?? You may be an expert of Indonesia, but have you ever visited Sundarbans to understand the ground reality. Do you know that the Companies that are still listed except Sunder Chital Tourist Lodge, under "Lodging" only provide package tours and not accomodation only, ie on European Plan (EP) basis?

In Sundarbans, you need to be part of a package tour to visit it and cannot simply go there and book a room and cool your heels.All decent hotels do not give "Only" rooms . They combine their stay along with food, the rent of the launch services the costs of guides, etc. So why are you deleting the names of all the companies that are providing this service without understanding the technicalities of the place. Do you want people to visit the place on the basis of your information and find themselves in trouble upon reaching there wherein they would be told they cannot be allotted rooms?

My suggestion to you "Burmesedays" is to please understand and acquire a clear understanding of the ground reality of a place, before deleting the listings.



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