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Welcome to Wikitravel[edit]

Hello Inas, nice to meet you =) As you probably guessed I'm a bit of a newbie as opposed to you who seems to be quite experienced with Wikitravel. Having done a bit of research I understand why you have removed my text on Darwin, you are totally right to do so. However there is more to this story! I hope you can help me get a good outcome. The incidences of text I have added were my original work, having had an on going working relationship with Tourism Northern Territory. My understanding is that in this situation my work is acceptable for wikitravel. You of course were not to know this. So you as the knowledgeable one! How is the best way for me in my situation to add content I have written for travel NT to wikitravel? Do I need to simply mention it, if so where? Or do I need some other license? Sorry to trouble you, really hope you can help. Thanks in advance, Lex.

Thanks for making contributions to some of the NT pages. However, please note that Wikitravel cannot reuse the content from other webpages without specific permission from the website owner to relicence their content. --Inas 03:02, 18 September 2008 (EDT)

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