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Sorry, I'm doing my best, no need to be rude! It's the first time I'm doing this so it's a bit hard to know all the rules at the beginning. I'll edit the article as soon as possible.

I'm sorry too, didn't mean to be harsh, but you know, dozens of people enter here to edit, and lots of them just want to tout and vandalize and push this or that agenda, not bothering to read the Manual of Style or learn about our Goals and non-goals. I'm very glad that you decided to manifest yourself and what you're doing through this talk page, and will continue to help your pages, their listings and formatting. I have never been to Britanny, only Paris, Bordeaux and some places on the road inbeteween, but there are plans to change that.  :) À bientôt! 10:01, 25 July 2012 (EDT)

It's fine, I understand as well. You really should come to Brittany, it is where I live since I was born and I'm in love with my region. :-) Thanks for helping with the pages!


Thanks! [1] That was some sloppy editing from my side :-) Justme 12:20, 15 August 2012 (EDT)

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