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Hi! You seem to very strongly emphasis the language differences in the German speaking countries instead of saying that in general everybody is capable of speaking German and additionally speak their regional dialect. Wikitravel is not Wikipedia and we have a policy called Wikitravel:No_advice_from_Captain_Obvious that states we don't list obvious facts. Most languages have dialects/accents etc. but in general there is a codified standard that is being thaught at official institutions that is complusory for everyone. Don't start an edit war btw. Wikitravel is based on consensus and not hardcore single actions. So discuss first in the Travellers' Pub and consider creating a login because otherwise you are close to a block. jan 09:49, 3 May 2010 (EDT)

Hi! You seem not want to follow our policies and behave extreme rude! Comments like F*ck and SHOUTING is seen as an absolute nogo in this community. I will block for some hours to calm off. Again, we are ruled on consensus and no arrogant behaviour. jan 07:32, 7 May 2010 (EDT)
Hello to you both. First, I agree with Jan's point about an article not gaining any benefit from lots of obvious stuff. The article is meant to help the traveller - that means keeping it concise and to the point, full of travel details about a place, so I think we shouldn't be going into detail about dialects or languages spoken. Second, yeah Jan's right that we should not get hot under the collar with our responses, HOWEVER I fear that the tone of her rebukes is not great either. Let's remember that the work and contributions of both of you are valued and appreciated, some of us out here very much appreciate you taking the time to make constructive edits to articles, and I'd encourage you both to put the language spat aside and spend your time constructively adding your knowledge to articles - just in ways that aid the traveller.
If you are a relatively new user, the goals and approach on here can be quite different to sites like Wikipedia. Maybe we can start over and lend advice, instead of reverting, or taking a revert as a personal attack. Andyfarrell 14:41, 7 May 2010 (EDT)

Possible user ban[edit]

Hello. You have been nominated for a one month user ban. You are free to discuss this, and invited to reach consensus on article changes with the people who are trying to work with you here.

It is possible that if edit-warring and abusive comments continue, that the nomination will be seconded, and may come into effect.

You can make any comments regarding the user ban at Wikitravel:User ban nominations.

Thanks. --inas 03:06, 11 May 2010 (EDT)

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