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What do you think about it? I'm continually amazed at how Wikivoyage tries to interfere in Wikitravel discussions and undermine our community. The ongoing discussion is a matter we (that's the community) are discussing. By asking what other people think about the topic, you are just trying to highlight the unsubstantiated suspected reasons others and I may have. What's the difference between the way Wikivoyage and Wikitravel works? We actually discuss the problems and issues, rather than go over to Wikivoyage and point out why Wikivoyage has a condescending community of hardcore volunteers, who have no confidence in their own project that they continually hassle Wikitravel and undermine the project and our community.

In the long run, no matter what you or anyone else tries to do. Wikitravel will continue to have a strong community and be a strong project. Why? Because we can criticize ourselves and constantly reevaluate what will better serve the project, while WV does not focus on the core principle, but rather being the "competition". -- Sapphire(Talk) • 17:38, 17 July 2007 (EDT)

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