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Greetings from Germany! Born in Leipzig (former East Germany) I enjoy all the freedom that's offered to young people in this awesome place called Europe.

I love traveling, hitchhiking, work with exchange students (AFS), politics (liberal, of course), the net and life in general.

Started The Hospitality Club (online hospitality exchange organization - three years ago, after building a similar network within AFS. So I have been involved in the hospitality exchange scene for some time and can answer most questions.

Finished my studies at WHU, a cool Business School in Koblenz, Germany, a year ago. Now I am hitchhiking around the world promoting the wonderful idea of hospitality exchange and trying to build a world wide web of friendly people in the Hospitality Club. Project website:

Also just did a large project with my brothers - driving through Germany with our Peace Bus - we collected money for children in Iraq and sold the Italian PACE or Peace flags.

If you would like to get in touch or know more about me, click through to my website - See you there, or in the real world! :-)


Deleted contributions

I am tired of having my contributions deleted/edited out, so I just post the deleted stuff here. Feel free to readd to the respective articles.

Deleted from Hospitality exchange#Hospitality Club

The sole condition to become a member is to provide the administrators with one's real name and address, so as to prove that one is a real individual. Before joining, you could take the Tour, read about members' Experiences, the Rules and the Forum and talk to members directly in the Chat.

Entire page deleted

I set up a page for Wikitravelers who are also members in the Hospitality Club. I think a great way of networking, especially if you realize that another Wikitraveler is also hospitable and you might even go and visit him. Well, first that link was removed from the Hospitality Club section, where it fit really well. Then the page was added to the Votes for deletion page (no problem with that, although it seems a bit harsh). But then Evan simply deleted the page, although Valmi and me had voted not to delete it. Nice way to get a consensus. And nice way to blowing out life from your own site. Oh well. I cannot post that page here anymore as it was deleted for good and I have no way of accessing it. Just for the record, here is the discussion on the deletion-page:

- *Wikitravel:Wikitravellers in Hospitality Club not a goal and a Wikitravel:Slippery slope to lists-for-lists-sake. Majnoona 14:45, 9 Jun 2004 (EDT) - ** Delete. --Evan 15:04, 9 Jun 2004 (EDT) - ** Don't delete. Why would you take life out of your site? Traveling is also about likeminded people and having a list of those is a useful info. Veit 17:48, 9 Jun 2004 (EDT) - ** Delete. A single pointer to the site from the one WikiTravel page which discusses such networks should be sufficient. People who are interested should go to their website, not Wikitravel. -- Colin 02:11, 10 Jun 2004 (EDT) - ** Delete. The external links don't work; they take you to a login screen. -phma 19:23, 11 Jun 2004 (EDT) - ** Don't delete. Valmi 16:06, 12 Jun 2004 (EDT)

Deleted from Wikitravel:Cooperating_with_Hospitality_Club

Here we are :-)

From our side we need one thing most: new members. People need to learn about the idea, many havent even heard of it. But would love to use it when they travel. So one good thing might be to include a standard reference to hospitality exchange in the Sleep category on the country/region/city pages. Also, I think it makes sense to include a link to the relevant HC country/region/city page at the end of articles where we DO have a large number of members or good travel info on our pages, as this is a really useful reference for many travelers.

Feel free to integrate content from the HC into Wikitravel, as long as you follow our requirement to add a link (eg., give credit). We didnt worry much about licenses when putting that note in there, but now I see that it is almost the identical requirement of GNU or CC. We WANT people to use our content as long as it helps to spread the idea of hospitality exchange around the globe!

Deleted from Tips_for_hitchhiking

actually wasnt my contribution, but deleted anyway...