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Tequendamia is the youngest child of the Red Skinned family who lives on the land of no time. His brothers are Tesquanto, Tisquesusa, Tundama, Tecumsé, Tecuzuma, Tehuáscar, and an infinity of powerful warriors who inhabit the infinite land. The land that extends from the icy plains of ghosty sky to the icy lands of stormy air; which also extends from the infinite water to the great water of the giants. The same land inhabited by the Great Spirit.

Tequendamia is a follower of Bochica as well, who has shown him the extension of the infinite land, and visited with him her countries. Together they visited the country of the montain of gold, the country of the bison(te), the country of the mountains made by warriors, the country of the mountains made by the Gods and inhabited by the sons of the sun, the country of the golden warriors who turn invisible at will and who are the guardians of the golden city. The country of the warriors of steel who are invulnerable to the extreme heat and cold.

Yes. This is Tequendamia, his brothers and his land.