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Twin Taung

Twin Taung is about 21 miles north of Monywa, 6 miles east west of Budalin Township. It is about 200 meters above the surrounding area. The scenery around this beautiful lake is also breathtaking and worth the visit. Twin Taung is an extinct volcano whose crater now forms a beautiful, natural lake where very rare Spirulina is found. Spirulina is used in cosmetic and medical products. There is a Spirulina production factory at the base of the hill. Spirulina is discovered by Belgium scientist as blue-green algae that is high in nutrients and considered one of nature’s greatest Superfoods in 1967.

Despite the declination of production of spirulina the beauty of the lake, trees along the roadsides, green environment are attractable to local and foreign guests, researchers and University students. It is expected that the tourism will become developed in Sagaing Region and the conservation for environment and ecology is a significant activity.

The environment around the lake is very pleasant and a bit beachy. You can see a tiny boat usually landing on the shore. The surrounding is complete solitary and peaceful. The road downwards to the lake from the place where you have to park your car is very eye-pleasing. Try taking a short-cut path. You may also find some nail-sized red velvety bugs which are quite rare to see. They do no harm. You will have to bring food and drinks with you as there will be no food stalls or restaurants around the lake. Do bring your sunscreen. Walking all the way down to the lake is exhausting yet after a climb back to the top of the volcano, you will have great views of the natural surroundings with all the birds chirping. After that, no worries about the next destination. Whichever direction you go, there will be a destination that is worth a visit in this Sagaing Region.