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American living in United States.


I love Geography, love the Linux philosophy, and think this is a wonderful site. I believe strongly in Linus' law and follow it in my editing of this site.

I believe that the way to world peace is through understanding other cultures and in ordinary people having experiences in other countries. Wikitravel is the first step to this freedom.

Loves, Hates and Wishes[edit]

Thanks to Peterfitzgerald and Globe-trotter for the (adapted) table lay-out.




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Upcoming travel plans[edit]



I plan on updating the pages in Washington and Oregon a lot, because I know my local area best. I also am working on translating some pages into for practice and service.

How I travel[edit]

I haven't seen this on other profiles, but this could be a very interesting experiment on what different users look for...

How I choose where I am going[edit]

Currently I am interested in going places I know people and have family. Short trips are done too...

What I bring[edit]

  • Basic requirements (clothes, toiletries, ID, Money, Phrasebook)
  • My iPod for those long waits, flights, drives, etc.
  • Camera
  • Computer for inexpensive communication

What I look for in hotels[edit]

  • The basic necessities everyone will agree on, bathroom, bed, cleanliness, etc.
  • Some sort of breakfast
  • Wi-Fi is important for blogging and writing home.
  • Convenient location is important for wasted time.

Places I look for[edit]

  • Interesting Museums
  • Colleges
  • Nice restaurants, doesn't have to be expensive.
  • Cultural icons
  • Capital buildings, I find them to have a lot of good information.

What I buy at places I have already been to[edit]

Things that catch my eye mostly

  • Books on the location and culture
  • A shirt with the name of the place
  • Interesting things (artwork, music, good things that will last)

What I buy and bring home from foreign trips.[edit]

  • A book on the country's history
  • A small pennant of their national flag, a lapel pin with the flag, and a shirt with the name and flag.
  • A little bit of the currency (no more than 20 USD)
  • Souvenirs that have significance to me, books on an icon, a common piece of art, something that on their culture.


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