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About Skandinavisk[edit]

My real name is Jon Behring

This is probably going to be a bit dry, but you probably want to know who I am, and if I really know what I've written. Thus this is going to be a bit like a CV.

I'm a norwegian currently live in Tromsø. However, untill 2018 I lived in Malmö, and worked in Copenhagen, comuting every day by train or car. Before moving to Malmø I lived and worked in Bergen, and before that I lived in Trondheim. I grew up outside Oslo in a town called Lillestrøm.

For those of you who knew I was jonkb. I'm currently looking for another website to replace it.

Language I speak[edit]

My native tongue is Norwegian, but I also speak

  • Swedish (see footnote)
  • Danish (see footnote)
  • English
  • German

Footnote: I actually taken lessons and used the languages, not just understanding the languages because I speak Norwegian

About My name[edit]

Skandinavisk is Scandinavian for Scandinavian. I'm also on other travel related sites sjuch as

  • Travellerspoint (Skandinavisk)
  • Virtualtourist (no longer an active site, I was jonkb)
  • Travbuddy (TrueScandinavian)

I try to stay away from Tripadvisor, because of their behavior towards VirtualTourist, but I am a member (TrueScandinavian)

Contact posibillities[edit]

You can contact me via E-mail: [email protected] If you want my adress or phone number, you'll have to email me first.

Places I visit often[edit]

Copenhagen and Malmö: I still have a lot of friends there, and I try to visit them. Most of my family live in Oslo

Places I've visited for work often but no longer visit.[edit]

Workrelated trips were often to Brussels (2007-2017), or Vienna (2007-2017), for international meetings. We also travelled to Torshavn (2012-2014), and Nuuk (2012-2017) for setting up our services, We had services in Haderslev (2007-2017), Bornholm (2007-2017), Thisted (2007-2017), Næstved (2007-2017), Hundested (2007-2017), Aalborg (2007-2017), Grenå (2007-2017), Møn (2007-2017), Nykøbing (2007-2017), Herning (2007-2017), Aasiaat (2012-2017) and Qaqortoq (2012-2017), and thus travelled there almost every year. Kristianstad is a place I visited quite often while I lived in Malmö, because I was a member of an organization that have a local headquarter there.

My trips[edit]

This list is still being constructed. I'm starting witrh the Euromeets, so If you only see them: Just wait. Also: I'm writing the list out of my own memory, so years might not be excact.

2018 Moved from Malmö to Tromsø

2017 Linköping, Stockholm, Eskilstuna, Nyköping, Orebro

2016 Attended VirtualTourists Euromeet at Albufeira, Portugal. Visited Sevilla, Spain, Cherbourg, Paris, Omaha beach, Flamanville, Munich

2015 Attended VirtualTourists Euromeet at Aachen, Germany. Visited Liege, Maastricht and Koblenz. Visited Warsaw, Kiel, Brunsbüttel, Munich

2014 Attended VirtualTourists PreEuromeet at Riga, Latvia, Visited Vilnius, Minsk, The exclusion zone froom Chernobyl in Belarus

2013 Visited Bucharest and attended VirtualTourists Euromeet at Sibiu, Romania, Toronto

2012 Attended VirtualTourists Euromeet at Bergamo, Visited Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ottawa

2011 Visited Thessaloniki, Meteora, Athens, Delphi, Corinth and attended VirtualTourists Euromeet at Ohrid, Macedonia, Tokyo, Toronto, Niagara Falls

2010 Attended VirtualTourists Euromeet at Krakow, Poland. Visited Lviv, Ukraine, Visited Tallin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Arizona

2009 Visited Lisbon Attended VirtualTourists Euromeet at Cascais, Portugal. Travelled with the Swedish church to Addis Abeba to visit Hope for Children in Ethiopia, Toronto

2008 Attended VirtualTourists Euromeet at Karlsruhe, Germany (My first Euromeet)

2007 Started working in Copenhagen, Visited Lisbon

2006 Visited Transylvania, Budapest, Ploiesti

2005 Visited Beijing


2003 Visited London

2002 Moved to Malmö, Visited Prague, Munich, Bohemia

2001 Visited New York, Minneapolis, Hawaii,


1999 Visited Paris, Berlin, Moved to Bergen

1998 Visited Roma, Napoli, Toscana (with the cities Sciena, Pitigliano, Firenze), Venice


1996 Prague

1995 Saint Petersburg

1994 Moved to Trondheim

I think trips before 1994 is probably no longer of any interest. It's simply too long ago.