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Hanlin City Myanmar

Another significant Pyu site is Hanlin or Halingyi-Great Hanlin, UNESCO world heritage sites, lies about 1 mile south east of Shwebo in upper Myanmar. It is reached by road from Shwebo crossing Moksogyon railway station on the Mandalay Shwebo line. One passes through irrigated rice fields on the way but finds himself in dry scrub-land as he approaches the ancient site. There is a group of villages with numerous small modern pagodas to the south of the old fortified city. This locality is noted for hot saline springs. It is surprising that such a renowned city is deplete with visible ruins of either religious or secular character, thus presenting a glaring contrast to Sri Ksetra. However, material evidences of Pyu culture lying buried for countries have been unearthed t0 convince us that Hanlin was once that seat of Pyu culture. The site was superficially explored in 1904-05 and few test excavations were made in 1929-30. The results were by no mean disappointing. The earliest discovery is that of a small stone slab inscribed in an old script later found to resemble the inscriptions of Sri Ksetra and deciphered to be Pyu language. It is an epitaph marking the site of the tomb of one Honorable Ru-ba. In 1929-30 a second inscription engraved on a hard sandstone slab was found. The third inscription is illegible. The villagers often came by objects of antiquarian interest such as gold, silver and bronze objects, ornaments, etc. but there were usually through melting down for the sake of mental. Of particular interest among the chance finds are symbolical coins, some of which could be retrieved owing to frequent discoveries. From the foregoing it is evident that Hanlin, like Beikthano, possesses all the characteristics of Pyu culture with the exception of round stupas and large stone images and metal as we find in Sri Ksetra. It is noticeable that most of the structures where wood was used were destroyed by fire. The wooden gates at the entrances to the city were also burnt.

Hanlin Gate
File:Gold coin.jpg
Pyu's coins