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Maing Thauk Bridge[edit]

Maing Thauk village is located at the Southeast of Nyaung Shwe city. Half of the village of Maing Thauk is set on dry land, while the other half sits on stilts over the water, linked to the shore by a 450-yard (411-m) teak bridge. Teak is a classic building material for the Burmese. The long, skinny poles of the bridge cast long shadows on the surface of the lake at sunset.Maing Thauk is a bridge which is similar to U Bein Bridge at Mandalay. Thus, Maing Thauk Bridge is known as a little U Bein Bridge of Inle Lake. It is a good destination for a boating tour on Inle Lake. Long boats crowd the sides of the bridge, and give residents easy access to the lake. The vender shops in the way to the lake offer seasonal fruits, fried fishes and the sticky rice in a small bamboo which you can only see in Shan State. There are also some people selling lotus flowers on the side of the bridge with boats which make the destination unique.

The Maing Thauk Bridge and scenery


Walk along the wooden bridge and take a canoe ride around Maing Thauk village among floating gardens and Intha houses. The Shan state highlands in Myanmar are a wonderful backdrop for this canoe trip along lovely Lake Inle and the villages alongside the ride. Trek to the mountains to see nice view of Inle Lake. Amazed by the beautiful green countryside of the highlands set against the shimmering silver waters of the lake itself. The views extend to the lovely Shan Plateau and encompass rolling hills, green plains, floating farms, working fruit and vegetable plantations and bustling markets. Enjoy feeling the nature and relax by the breeze across the Lake. There is also a biking trail which take only about 45 minutes from the Nyaung Shwe City to the bridge which most tourists enjoy. The scenery alongside the trail will take the tiredness away. This trail can also be taken with a mortor cycle if you desire. The famous Red Mountain Winery is on this trail, too. So, you can enjoy the famous wine on your way back to the city and enjoy the sunset there.

The life at the Maing Thauk Bridge