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About Me[edit]

I'm an American fortunate to have an international career that has allowed frequent travel and residence abroad. I love to travel, especially longer trips where I can "settle in" to a place and enjoy it like a local. I've been to a lot of countries, starting with Ecuador as a high school exchange student. That country perhaps inspired a love of mountains. Here's a list of the countries I've been to, or major regions within countries:

  • Ecuador You can't beat the snow capped peaks and high mountains of the Andes. A wonderful, complicated country to live in or travel to.
  • Colombia My travels here are quite limited -- only to Las Lajas, right across the border from Ecuador
  • Bolivia Once I read that one can go skiing here, I had to go]]
  • [[Costa Ric]a Nice place. I spent a summer here while in college
  • The Netherlands I'd like to go back here, was only in Amsterdam for a few days
  • France Only went to Paris for a few days
  • Spain My travels in Europe are indeed rather limited - it was about a week spread over Holland, France and Spain
  • Canada Just a few quick trips. I've never been up north.
  • The Philippines This country is such a unique mix of Asia and Latin America and the USA. Very friendly people. Great memories.
  • China Big, vast country with a very difficult language
  • Tibet The high peaks, haunting vistas, and colorful temples reminded me of Ecuador
  • Taiwan This is without a doubt the best of China. So easy to travel around, people are friendly and straightforward.
  • Vietnam Spent a week in HCMC. Friendly place, still very much a developing country.
  • Singapore Nice. "
  • Hong Kong Reminds me of New York only bigger -- virtually everything is a skyscraper. Very easy to travel around, bigger in terms of land area than you expect, and inexpensive if you like Cantonese food.
  • Japan Just two trips here, around Tokyo
  • New Zealand My favorite. Very friendly people and traveler-friendly in general
  • Australia Again, two trips here, mostly around Sydney. Liked what a saw. Will be back.
  • United States My homeland. The most unique states which I have visited, without a doubt, are Hawaii and Utah. No mistaking it when you are in those states. I'm from the Northeast, and once took a bus trip across the country. I'm also very familiar with Tiffin Ohio.

I love reading and editing Wikitravel and it usually is the first source I turn to when considering travel to a new place. I think it's especially useful for off-the-beaten-path locations and modes of travel.

Future Trips Here's places I'm planning to go to, or would like to go to:

  • Fuzhou, China
  • Japan (again)
  • New Zealand
  • Tasmania
  • Isle of Man
  • Africa
  • Falkland Islands
  • Pitcairn Islands

Your Comments[edit]

Please feel free to add your comments, positive or negative, to my talk page. Don't expect me to engage in arguments with you - I will not.