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I am an independent "flashpacker" traveler from Europe. One of my ambitions is to travel all European countries. I particularly like traveling in Eastern Europe: it is so exotic yet close at the same time, both in kilometers and in culture. I also traveled extensively in the Far East, especially since a severe skiing accident forced me to look for other destinations in the winter time.

Another hobby of mine is to travel by train. Trains are a nice way to get in touch with the local population, and usually they are reasonably comfortable (although I am 6'5" which is a problem in most sleeping cars).

As a typical "flashpacker", I prefer cheap hotels. They are often amazingly good. Expensive hotels remind me of business hotels, of work rather than holiday. Still I avoid youth hostels where I do not have a private room - because everyone gets up at a different time, and the more people there are in a room, the more likely it is that one is snoring loudly.

Rbakels 05:01, 14 December 2011 (EST)