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Hi, I'm a new WikiTravel guest (November, 2004) who stumbled onto the site from the English Wikipedia. Like many others who get into using wikis (it seems), I am a software engineer. I am also married, male, and living in. I am interested in many things Wiki, so when I found this site, I signed up the first day. I'm a bit of an idealist who believes in the ideals behind open source, open knowledge, and the sharing of our collective experiences. I'm not very subtle sometimes, so hopefully I don't step on many/any toes!

I don't know how useful I will be here, as I tend to be a very spontaneous person who may one day start a flood of editing. For now I am actively trying to multi-license as many English Wikipedia U.S. city and county articles as possible so that others using this site might be able to use those articles. Ideally, I would like those people who borrow from Wikipedia to also consent to dual-license using the GFDL as well in order that the two projects might feed off of each other.

I accept to multi-license my contributions under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license version 1.0 or any later version and the or any later version. I elect to release all minor edits into the public domain. If this appeals to you, add a similar notice to your user page (and if you work on the English Wikipedia, do so there too).