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Well Hello There[edit]

Thanks for stopping by my paltry little corner of the Wikiverse. My name's Ryan, and yes, I work for Internet Brands. What you don't know is that they also work for me... No, just kidding. I don't know if I will ever wield that kind of power, but a man can dream, can't he?

The Treasury at Petra

I have the heart of a traveler and the income of an abalone (one with a particularly dull shell, at that), which doesn't make for a very extensive travel resume. However, whenever I am able to squirrel away enough cash, I try to make good use of it. I have a particular fascination for the ruins (or not-so-ruineds) of ancient civilizations, places like the pyramids of Egypt, the Incan city of Machu Picchu, Pompeii, Petra, Chichen Itza, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately, due to my aforementioned mollusk-like income, I have been able to visit none of these places. I have, however, been to a few places here and there, and I do have a relatively good amount of Wiki experience, so I am happy to contribute whatever I know so that the other WikiTravelers of the world may avoid making the same mistakes I have.

After all, not everyone is able to find the silver lining when they've planned a trip so poorly that they're forced to spend the last three nights of their Spanish vacation on the streets of Madrid, using a sleeping bag to dramatize a caterpillar's transition into a butterfly alongside the other street performers, and being thrown out of the Parque del Buen Retiro for attempting to bathe in the man-made lake. Not everyone can come away unscathed from a near-mauling by Malaysian Cynomolgus Monkeys in front of a statue of Shiva (I was only able to escape by relinquishing my fresh coconut to the alpha male). And not everyone's reputation within the arts community is so solid that it can withstand such a blow as being escorted out of the Smithsonian American Art Museum for "looking at the paintings too close."

All seriousness aside, I love seeing new places and meeting new people. If that qualifies me at all as a WikiTraveler, then so be it. A WikiTraveler I am.

  • Disclaimer - The preceding was partially true, but mostly untrue; I'd say about a 67-33 split, with the 67 representing the untrue. Actually, no, more like 21-79... with the 79 representing the untrue... or thereabouts... somewhat.