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Hey Wikitravellers,

I'm an ardent budget traveller from Cologne, Germany (currently studying in Rochester, NY, USA). Just found my way here from Wikipedia and I like this very much - guess this means my old (and probably never visited...) 'Free Travel' site has become obsolete...

Anyway, I love independent budget travel, and help as best I can to help people find the most affordable vacation imaginable. I can give tips on stuff ranging from hitchhiking to finding low-cost staple food. I'm quite travel-hardened after travelling widely in Europe, Northern and Western Africa and North America - more to come soon I hope...

Countries I've been

  • Austria - it's been a while, but my memories of Austria are fond - especially of the ferris wheel in Vienna (yeah, I was young)
  • Belgium - charming, been there tons of times
  • Canada - nice relaxation from the US...
  • Czech Republic - Prague is cool and cheap - Europe's East really offers hosts of undertravelled places
  • France - can't beat Paris - the rest of the country is picturesque and I get to practice my French
  • Germany - live here, love it. Everyone visit!
  • Italy - Roma is da bomb - but take a miss on Milan...
  • Luxembourg - tiny, nice for a day-trip
  • Mauritania - dusty, sandy and nothing there. Cool place for adventures though
  • Morocco - very nice, beautiful sights, nice people and loads of couscous!
  • Netherlands - need I say what draws me here...
  • Senegal - lush and green, a change from Mauritania's desert. Also friendly people and tons to do.
  • Spain - sunny and some lovely cities. And I must admit, in young years I also partied in Mallorca...
  • Switzerland - Picturesque - just seeing the alp villages and mountain ranges is an exceptional experience.
  • United Kingdom - my birthplace. What can I say - love it, love it. Be back soon Britain...
  • United States of America - this place continues to fascinate me. The contrasts of a vast country - don't judge it, see it first!
  • Western Sahara (claimed by Morocco) - go here if you want to dodge land-mines and insurgents...

Places I want to go soon

Want to try and get to California and Mexico before I leave the States. After that it's back to Germany - and then I really want to tour the new EU countries in the East, if I find some time.