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Time to feature: Spring-late Fall
Nominated by: Peter Talk 23:45, 7 September 2011 (EDT)
Comment: I love this article. A small town in southern Armenia definitely means OtBP. If anyone is worried about the fact that the Eat section does not mention establishments by name, that's makes sense in this part of the world—these are plastic chairs/tables roadside types of "cafes" that often have no advertised names, but rather appeal to the visual and olfactory senses to attract customers.

Noravank-raffi kojian-DCP 3927.JPG

Yeghegnadzor is a town in Southern Armenia, in a good spot to explore surrounding monasteries, fortresses, wineries, caves, and beautiful mountain trails. Dating back to the fifth century, the town itself is right by the main North-South highway and has comfortable accommodations and is a very typical town in Armenia for those who want an experience outside of Yerevan. (more...)