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June 13 2006

I am not a huge contributor but I will cease all actvities on this site until I have processed all the information about Wikitravel having been sold to a company[1] (!), and then I will decide whether I continue.

What information I have contributed, specifically on Malta is stuff that I'm convinced has real value above what is already out there and readily available. I have been in an unusual position to get to know about Malta which few other tourists visiting the island have had; the Maltese ofcourse also will have some of the same info but not the objective attitude and comparative knowledge of other Mediterrannean holiday destinations. I have voluntarily contributed this info thinking that I was giving it to a community of travellers rather than a commercial venture.

I have still a lot which I could add, but the idea that any additions now contribute to the value of a product that some anonymous bunch of businessmen will be getting richer off really puts me off. This is why I also decided in the beginning not to contribute to World66, and I'm convinced that this is the same for many others. This is what made wikitravel grow and get a lot of people wanting to cooperate and put energy into it.

Regardless of what I think of going commercial I as of yet also don't understand why the founders didn't go commercial on their own, I'm certain that the contributors would've had more faith with them at the helm of a small company with a single core activity, namely this site.

PeterW 04:47, 13 June 2006 (EDT)


(Copypasted from elsewhere, I know it's lazy but hey, better than nothing)

Me slightly tipsy on the terrace outside Los Pilones, Amsterdam.
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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Birth: 8.7.1978

Occupation: IT, part time student political science

Profile Summary: I grew up all over the place (see below) and am in that sense a real TCK (I sometimes need subtitles when I think..), and as such what better place than Amsterdam to live in, this relatively tiny place (800,000 people) is as cosmopolitan as many places many times larger.

Languages spoken: English, Dutch, German, some French

Travel experience: Born in Lebanon, lived there and in Australia, Germany and Sweden as a kid. Visited most of western Europe, some Middle East, some south Asia, across the atlantic only New England.

Planned trips: Nothing outside Europe for the moment due to lack of time and funds.

Wikipedia contributions: Visited Malta a lot as my parents live there right now, so I'm still working on adding as much as possible there. Also am working on some stuff for the Amsterdam article.