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Outfitter Nepal is an Outdoor Adventure Travel Company based in KTM, Nepal and offers Trekking in Nepal, Tour in Nepal, Hiking Trips, Climbing Peaks, River Adventures, sightseeing, Airport Transfers, Hotel Bookings, Air Ticketing and more than 100 Categories of Holidays packages in Nepal and Outfitter Nepal have extend the travel services Bhutan and Tibet. The young and enthusiastic TEAM of OUTFITTER NEPAL is always presents the best value of your Trip to this small but Amazingly diverse part of the world and the Safety and security of our clients are our first priorities and we are experts in the field of the Alpine tourism of Nepal as well as the cultural Tourism as Nepal is one of the Best place to experience the Himalayas and the glorious History, legends, culture, Religions and many other Outdoor Activities.

Outfitter Nepal Have designed many Travel packages to suit to all category of the tourists which you can find on our informative Travel webpage - and you can pick one of the holidays if one of them are suitable for you and you can write us if you would like to combine tours as we are always at present to tailor your Holidays in Nepal according to your need and interests. Our price for the trips is reasonable compare to the other so called international companies which does not mean that you will get poor service. We can offer you the better cost as we are Local Run Company so neither we have to sell our Tours nor we should pay commission to the third parties. The cost that you have paid directly goes to the person and the places where it should go and we believed the benefits of the tourism has to be share into all the Stakeholder, we donate some portion of the profit to the charities to uplift the lives of the host communities.

Therefore, our message to you is 'Just visit us once and go through it, and then you know all.'