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Visit Vietnam and you will not regret it! People are mainly very friendly and helpful, inland is awesome…, like all SEA countries. Ok, since I know, and live here in Nha Trang, its true that you will come across people who are only after your money - especialy in Nha Trang where the most tourism happening…, but this situation you can find all over the planet where tourism meets business  ;-)… so Yes again- do it! I’m a Scuba Instructor in Nha Trang with Oceans5 and for more than 10 years in the industry as a professional, working and diving around Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam… and I can tell you that diving and fish life here gets better and better every year, once in a while you hear disturbing stories about fishing issues around Hon Mum Marine Park in the night and early morning, however it is hard to escape these stories throughout Asia.

The Coral Gardens are still amazing, and hard to beat- more than 360 different species of hard corals can be counted here, amazing macro life and countless different fish families- just not many big fish, lets say big stingrays and some sharks can be sighted- just not regularly.

In all the time I have spent here in Vietnam I’ve learned to enjoy it here more & more- especialy since I know how bad the marine life conditions are in Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia- even up to Indonesia(Borneo)- coral bleaching all over the Indian Ocean has been dramatically increasing over the years unfortunately. (just browse the net about it and you will know)…, so we’re happy to have colder water here!!! Yes, it seems that Nha Trang is Mecca for Scuba Courses- cheap, in my opinion to cheap (but this comes along with bad maintance & old equipment, lazy-“holiday instructors”, old teaching materials etc)…, you always get what you pay for!!!…, my tip: pay an extra dollar and get a state of the art education with experienced instructors and up to date teaching materials…