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Wow. This is a project. I'm both excited and overwhelmed by its potential and the contribution I could make.

Travel History[edit]

Places that I've touched, or that have touched me.

I live in Toronto, Canada, again. Until university my travelling was limited to the Eastern bits of Canada and The United States. I went to Acapulco, Mexico in 1997.

I moved to Sydney, Australia in 1999, stopping in to see some of Hawaii and New Zealand on the way.

In 2000 I did a quick 6-week tour of Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia before returning to Toronto via Fiji, and California.

While I earned a bit of cash and started a career, I saw a little more of Canada and hopped over to The Dominican Republic in 2001 and Cuba in 2002. I was lucky enough to be working for a development organization that sent me to Kenya via Amsterdam in 2002, as well.

In 2003 I returned to The Dominican Republic before taking off for England, The Republic of Ireland, and then

In 2004 I returned to England where we drove into Edinburgh for a day. I then visited Barcelona before once again returning to Toronto.

Since I've been back in Toronto, I've managed to get myself to Boston, New York, and The Mayan Riviera, and 2005 has seen Quebec and Banff for me.

On Wikitravel

I've got a lot to say about many of these places... I hope I have enough stick-with-it-ness. Or, rather, just enough...this is the kind of thing I could get addicted to - and I have a real job too :)

Right now I'm trying to look at Ethiopia and Colombia. But I'm easily distracted, so you'll find I've touched on Rio de Janiero, Banff and other locations.