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I tweet:@missparkr | @CastleBecke and edit wikis, also blog sometimes. I crave web anonymity! Watching Castle takes up most of my time but I'm not only into the kind of crime drama/comedy/everything else show that Castle is. Before Castle I used to watch The Pretender a lot. I still think they should make a Third Pretender Movie, even if they only broadcast it on the web or something!

Have you heard of ATP? Not the energy containing molecule that we learnt about in Biochemistry! It's the Alternative Travel Project and it is the brain child of a brilliant actress named Stana Katic. Google that! After that, check out Nikola Tesla. Remember the name Stana Katic, Stana rhymes with banana, it's not that hard, get it right! :) I guess you could call me a Stanatic too. :)