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Wix is a cvs-like command line interface for Mediawiki driven wiki websites. It allows you to work offline with the editor of your choice, and to check for conflicting changes, and commit your local version of the wiki pages in separate steps.


As of this writing Wix is now available as the CPAN module WWW::Mediawiki::Client, and is now in its second revision there. You can download it from there and install manually, or use any method you would normally use to install CPAN modules.


Wix currently uses a CVS inspired interface. While this works pretty well, it's possible that there are other interface ideas which would be superior. Let's investigate these ideas, perhaps in the forum of this page's talk page. A few of the TODO items concern just such changes.


Patches and suggestions are very welcome. Here's a TODO list of things I have in mind to do to improve Wix from here (I'd love to see other ideas):

  • Fix the module to work correctly post-upgrade.

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  • Change the name to avoid conflict with another project.
  • Since wix can only operate on one file at a time there is no way to easily see which files have been altered locally. This feature should be added.
  • Wix currently always marks pages as watched. Consider storing the entire html file as ref so that we can do this according to the Mediawiki user preference.
  • Make more use of the output levels in general (or scrap them)
  • Consider using Wikimedia's conflict resolution facility
  • Add a mechanism for checking if wix is run in the right directory level
  • Switch to Exception::Class from regular die exceptions (Carp appears to be broken).
  • Separate the language code from the Base URL
  • Add a commit comment editor
  • Add user override for commiting text in which there might be conflicts

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