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The feedback is great guys! keep it coming!

No text

Here are some more examples in response to the feedaback. I think that for very small iconic representations of a logo that you don't really have to have the text. Rather by establishing a text-icon relationship you can later imply the text with just the icon. WikiPedia does this, as do most commercial entities.


Image:Logo compass star.svg

Outline version with URW gothic

I really like the puzzle peices in the WikiPedia logo, so I wanted to try to work them into the compass card idea which we discussed yesterday. I've also played around with fonts.

Outline version with British Participant

Ray Larrabie has a series of fonts celebrating different countries and other things people might identify with. This one is called French Participant.

Outline version with French Participant

And for wv, French Participant.

Outline version with Hebrew Participant

This is called Hebrew Participant, but translated into Hebrew Wikitravel doesn't have an O or A to show off the characters.

Outline version with World of Water font

Here's a goofy font called World of Water.

Outline version with Mail Ray font

Outline version with Kirsty Ink font

I like this one a bit better in that it's more graceful, that said it's harder to see from far away.

Color/shaded version

Here I'm starting to play with color, although in fact these are all shades of the same color, which can save money (and time) on getting things like business cards and letterhead printed. I'll do a real multi-color version tomorrow.

Puzzle pieces[edit]

So, I have to say I really like this logo; great colors and the ideas come across very clearly. My main concern is that the puzzle-piece motif implies a closer relationship with Wikipedia than we actually have. --Evan 14:21, 27 Jun 2005 (EDT)