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Città e villaggi[edit]

Città e villaggi

  • Kalithea - 10 km from Rodi. It boasts numerous lodges. You they visit the Terme, constructed to the time of the Italian administration. The style of the building sends back to atmospheres andaluse but it would have urgent need of a restoration
  • Faliraki - beautiful ones run aground them that it extends for 5 km entire occupied from large lodges that of they hide the sight from the part of the litoranea. Here the camping is found also.
  • Afandou - One of the countries older than famous Rodi for a private club that receives the enthusiasts you of the golf.
  • Lindos - it is a small village of the coast orients them with one ancient acropoli. The circulation of the cars in its center is not admitted and is prohibited the construction of new lodges for preservare its beautifulst landscape.
  • Pefkos - close Lindos it is full of lodges.
  • [[Lardos]
  • [[Gennadi]


Afandou Beach
is one good variety of spiagge to Rodi. The coast orients them is all to ollow itself of cale, calette and bays from waters calm, without currents. The wind in kind strikes alone on the western coast that for this is attended exclusively from the enthusiasts you of the surf. Of continuation the list of the spiagge is supplied of Rodi in order of distance from the capoluogo.

Depositor orients them: * Rodi city has its beach with a lot of beach umbrellas and deckchairs but it makes the bath you is not more the entusiasmante experience than once. The beach calls Ellis and is near the acquarium.

  • Kalithea - 7 km. To south of the thermal buildings described before series of spiagge is one ognuna separated from the other and ognuna with just the restaurant.
  • Faliraki - 12 km. It runs aground them of 5 km super equipped and with a bag of it lodges between which choosing. There are also numerous taverne, restaurants and swimming pools. From the litoranea the bay is not more visible, hidden com' is from the high buildings of lodges all in row like on the tree-lined avenue of one great city. To Faliraki there is also a camping.
  • Ladiko (the bay of Anthony Quinn) - 15 Km. An indeed scenografico place. From a part there is the beach, in truth, a po' small; from the other there is a reef with a platform in wood from where us it can be dived or simply to stretch itself in order to get tan itself.
  • Afandou - 20 km. pebble beach is one with crystalline waters
  • Kolymbia Beach - 25 km. Beautiful crowded bathing locality and with little but elegant does not lodge. The shoreline is made of large pebbles white men
  • Tsampika - 26 km. It runs aground gilded them watched from omonimo the small monastero. A lot attended from tourists of all the nationalities and all the ages.
  • Steghn� - 29 km. This is the beach of the Germans in vacation to Rodi. The only present hotel in the area is occupied all from they.
  • Haraki - 36 km. This is the beach of the famigliole for via of the low one founds them ideal for children. Naturally there are many "rooms to let" and the immancabili minimarket.
  • Agathi - 36 km. A sand beach strangely without shadow of lodges but with many snaks that they offer breakfast to English and they fry patatine mountains. It can also be slept with the sleeping bag and are in many to make it. The sand but is humid of night.
  • Lindos - 50 km. The beach of Lindos is much made width and of fine sand. E' a scenografica beach for via of the acropoli that dominate it. Of August but it is crowded beyond every limit. Of the yacths that a time used to throw the anchor in the oadstead, today not if of it it sees not even the shadow.
  • Pefki - 56 km. On this beach riversano caravans of families for the more north European that occupy the modest lodgings of the zone.
  • Kiotari - 60 km. Kiotari is full of lodges lussuosi fates all as fungi to the end of XX the century to ridosso of this along run aground them
  • Gennadi - 63 km. The beach of Gennadi is one continuation of previous but with one the various style. The lodgings are for more "rooms to let". The part of the free beach from infrastructures constitutes the domenicale gathering of "rockettari" young people.


Altre destinazioni[edit]

Altre destinazioni

  • Many beaches * Undeveloped south --

Capire Rodi[edit]

  • Rodi is a pole of tourist attraction for how many is to the search of sea and sun. The island can boast the supremacy of beyond 300 days suns you to the year. * The shorelines of Rodi are made of gravel and large pebbles while the sand is less frequent. * Rodi alive nearly exclusively of tourism. 80% of its proceeds come from the pockets of its summery visitors. This means that ovunque it is gone, inciamper� always in crowds of tourists and in spiagge crowded and rowdy where will be asked to you immancabilmente to pour the obolo for the deckchair who you will have occupied. * If it is lived in a great city not it will perceive that resting feeling to have left bustle and noise to the own shoulders but it will seem it are carried it behind.

If all this does not appeal to, then it will be better to think next to destinations alternatives. * It is not that every angle of the island is cementificato with casermoni strapieni of holiday. It lodges are all concentrates in those 50 km to you of litoranea that join the capoluogo to Lindos. Elsewhere the presence of the tourists is oadstead. If the western litoranea from an end to the other is covered will meet little people and they will be noticed least lodges. The depositor the west of Rodi but is not beautiful; The shoreline is for more the strait, the landscape monotone and often annoying ones blow you twenty.

There are however of the advantages to keep in mind:

  • It lodges are much comfortable and outside from the high season they also practice large reductions in price to buy up some customer * The inhabitants of Rodi do not speak only Greek as it happens in the rest of Greece. Their English is melted and then it is not rare to imbattersi in persons that they know the Italian. To Rodi it is easier to communicate.

Informazioni turistiche[edit]

The local office for tourist information is found to the confluence of the roads Makariou & Papagou. Telephone: 22410 44335-6, Fax: 22410 26955.


The Greek is the language speech from the inhabitants born you of Rodi. The English language is diffuse much and it is not rare to meet persons that they above all speak to other European languages the German. The Italian instead is spoken from little old persons or from how many they have perfected their studies in some Italian university.



In aereo[edit]

The only one areoporto of the island is areoporto international Diagoras (RHO). It is found to 17 km from [[Rodi (citt�)|Rodi cities]], on the western coast, close the village of Paradissi.

Voli dall'Italia[edit]

  • The airline neos air organizes flights for Rodi from Milan Malpensa and Verona Valerio Catullo * The airline Myair flies to Rodi from Milan-Orio to Serious (the BGY) and from Venice-Mark Pole (VCE) * the airline Air flies to Rodi from Rome Fiumicino perhaps and from Milan Linate but with port of call to Atene and it must change airplane.

Voli interni[edit]

A service of daily flights from and for Atene and in the summery period exists (May september) additional flights for Iraklion Clay, Karpathos, Santorini, Mykonos. The connections are managed from the Olympic airways, but they can be subject to variation for which it is better to consult the situated Italian of the company. It must reserve for time why in kind the flights are much crowd to you.

Voli interni

In nave[edit]

If you want, you can catch up Rodi with a ferry from the Pireo. The way Pireo - hard Rodi from the 13 to the 20 hours to second of the intermediate ports of call that it carries out. Adviced against E' however for the conditions of extreme congestion of the port of the Pireo in high season.



In autobus[edit]

Buses publics serve every angle of the island. * Line 21 that gives to Rodi city makes capolinea to Faliraki part in every kind half hour. The price of the race is 1,70 Euro * The master station of the buses is found close Nea Agor�, the new market. The varied price to second of the way. * The tickets can be buy to you also on the bus. * E' better to conserve the title it of travel for all the duration of the race. * The stopped ones of the buses are marked from one table that unfortunately not filler the passage timetables. Often to flank of the stopped ones small costuzione of mattoni is one that it allows to repair itself from the sun in the wait that the bus arrives. When it is looked at, it must fargli signal to stop itself.

In taxi[edit]

The Taxis to Rodi are of dark blue color with the roof white man. The tourist intelligence section rilascia one list with a maximum of the rates. The Rodi Feature city-Faliraki cannot cost more than 13 euro. A service of Radio exists also taxi that answers to number 22410 69800. If of it you will have use of you will pay adds them of 1.50 euro. Between midnight and the 5 of mattino the rate of the taxi double. To Rodi as in all the other small tourist localities of Greece you would have to be much shrewed with leading of taxi. These have pessima the habit not to put in function the taximeter or to then annul it in order imporvi the sum of they piacimento.

In auto[edit]

It is not worth the pain carrying nearby the car, for how much this is in possible theory. E' one scocciatura and enough. A car to aereoporto or through reception del' the hotel or near one of the chartering agencies can be rented the scattered car a po' wherever. The street mantle of the roads is generally good with some exception in the entroterra and the extreme south of the island.

In moto[edit]

Motorcycle would be more test to rent one anziche one car, considered the narrowness of some roads of country. A lot in voga then exists a particular type of motorcycle between the young people that thread themselves dapertutto. An additional advantage is the low cost of chartering: 10-15 euro against the 50 for one car. Before leaving it will be necessary to make the full load; the distributors are not much frequent. The use of the helmet is not obligatory but it is better to make oneself some lend above all from the chartering agency if intention is had to use it in city.

Da vedere[edit]

Da vedere

  • The Filerimos mount. To 15 km from the capoluogo, raggiungibile from one crosspiece of the litoranea inerpica west that for the wooded slopes of the mount. On the top a monastero with annexed one is found gotica church dedicated to the reconstructed Madonna in the years of the Italian administration. In dorica age the place was occupied from acropoli of which it remains some trace of templi. Little far away from the monastero the rests of one are found erected medieval fortress from the Knights on situated of one preesistente the construction of age bizantina. Remarkable the panorama. * Kamiros. Ancient ruins. * The castle and the acropoli of Lindos. * The Tsambika mount. * [[the Rodi (old citt�)|citt� of Rodi]]. * They of the butterflies goes. Before the opening of the park the butterflies were indeed; but after the institution they are diminished until disappearing, evidently why disturbed from the too many visitors. Therefore to come here does not have more sense if in order not to make one walk in a pretty place.

Attività ricreative[edit]

  • To make the shopping in the city of Rodi. The old city is stracolma of storees and stalls that sell every type of cianfrusaglie. * To take the tintarella. * To take a bath * Snorkeling * To explore I found them navy. * To only make the Surfing but on the coast the west, above all in southern drawn its where the twenty are sufficiently strong. * Many lodge have their program of recreational activities. * Many tourist agencies propose guided visits. * The scaling of the Attavyros Mount. The scaling to the mount, highest of island (1215 m) demands approximately 3 hours


  • Shells (but consult the section personal Emergency), more under. * Sponges * Ceramik (watch for the many "Keramik factory" outlets along the roads). * Reproductions of icone bizantine. Draft only of one satinata and thick paper glue on one table of legnoI * Umbrellas in order not to repair itself from the rain but from the impietoso sun


The traditional Greek foods as suvlakia and giros (Greek version of the Kebab) are reperibili ovunque. The fish fried also but a po' less than to Clay. At least once it would have to try the yoghurt with the honey. You see also the relative section in the article: [[Greece]



Whilst the tap water is drinkable, bottled water is easily available and preferable. Local drinks includes Mythos (beer) and Ouzo.

Sicurezza personale[edit]

Rodi is a sure tourist destination but there are some points to consider:

  • Leading of taxi often will not make to release the taximeter in order makes you to ppagare one arbitrary sum. Assured to you that they do not make it. * The colored marine shells in sale ovunque, come in truth from the Indo-china or the Caribbeanses. They are not a souvenir local and they belong to a protected species for which if they peck to you you will pass a trouble.


  • Daily excursions in boat to Symi and other islands. * To Marmaris, (Turkey) in hydrofoil. * To [[Nisyros]


[[en:Rhodes] [[Dmoz:Europa/Grecia/Sud_Egeo/Dodecanneso/Rodi/]