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File:Milford sound mitre peak.jpg
Der snow-covered Mitre peak überragt the fjord around 1694m.
The Milford sound is the populärste tourist attraction of New Zealand. Of it the columns of touring buses witness täglich out Queenstown the far way to to the fjord search. Who before 10 o'clock in the morning appears at the fjord can quite still with relatively empty boats nature genießen, afterwards many of the boats are written off. But one should not drive off blindly the distance to the Milford sound möglichst fast, has her alone a quantity to offer (see below). It is worthwhile itself to book from the hotel in advance one of the smaller ships für the in the afternoon route. So one has sufficient time to genießen also the Straße and goes to the größten Rummel out of the way.

And although the fjord lies so remotely is it nevertheless the most easily zugängliche of of the 15 fjords Fiordlands. The Milford sound was designated after the südwalisischen Milford Haven 1823 by the europäischen discoverer John Grono. Probably it was well-known just like the landlateral access roads the Maori, with which the fjord Piopiotahi ("lonely throttle") heißt. 1877 ließ itself the Scot Donald Sutherland at the fjord down, which more später that established first hotel at the place.

1952 were finished placed the Straße from direction width unit Anau to the Milford sound. Before the journey was only by boat or more über 54 kilometers is enough Milford TRACK möglich. Sämtliche Pläne of the jüngeren past the fjord more easily - above all für holiday-makers from direction Queenstown - zugänglich to make (among other things a Monorailverbindung) were rejected to the Glück für the natürliche Unberührtheit of the region.

Get in[edit]

[[Image:Milford sound sea side.jpg|320px|thumb|right|Blick from the sea-side]

By air[edit]

The flight Queenstown takes ungefähr 40 minutes off and is every now and then quite expensive. So a flight can cost every now and then 400 NZD in a direction. Apart from saving of time on the way to the fjord one erhält from the flier also einziartigen view of the wonderful window blind of the surrounding mountains.


Most penalty operate of Queenstown or of width unit Anau. Penalty in Queenstown drive off against 7 o'clock in the morning and turn usually only starting from 20 o'clock zurück. The simple travel takes ungefähr 5 hours and requires a little seat meat. Starting from width unit Anau lasts the travel only 2 hours, so that it is to be quite überlegen whether one does not refer accomodation in the city. Bus routes cost usually 140 - 330 NZD (inclusive boat travel) and become for example from Kiwi Experience (Tel (03) 442 9708). The fully airconditioned penalty of Fiordland Travel (Tel. (03) 442 7500) is comfortable, which offers also audio comments in several languages.

Travelers with Kiwi the Experience or Magic bus on the way should be adjusted to the fact that the travel is specially computed to the Milford sound and not is contained in the normal bus passport.

By car[edit]

Faster than the penalty one is usually also not with the car: starting from width unit Ananu ungefähr 2 hours, starting from Queenstown 5 hours of travel a direction. The bus drivers do not know the distance well and in such a way few sedans by touring buses are on the way überholt. A großer advantage is that one with the car at the many schönen places, which invite on the way to staying hold can. Für the 120km (simple distance) can take itself and should one plentifully time.

With should one starts note the fact that möglicht the exhaust brake (switches into a low course) on the long departure down into the valley to the fjord is used, so that the brake is not überhitzt. Also with vehicles with automatic transmission one of the lower drive positions (2 or 3) can be usually gewählt manually. Außerdem does not give it between width unit to Anau and the fjord a gas station and at the Milford the sound is the most expensive (clear!) of New Zealand. Schließlich must be brought here gasoline complex the far distance. Für and the Rückweg of well 250km should be thus a sufficient reserve in the tank.

Note: Drivers müssen compellingly the whole year of über tire chains mitführen. Für 20 NZD one can borrow in width unit Anau at each gas station and also equal the assembly erklären itself to leave. The reason für this Vorsichtsmaßnahme is also the Straße threatened in the summer of Lawinenabgängen to the Milford sound. For this reason also parking or holding is more außer on dafür strictly forbidden to proven places and by Rangern is also überwacht. Besides it can occur that the passport für any vehicle traffic closed, in order to blow up a snow board controlled. Until ice and snow are again of the Straße geräumt then, können quite several hours offense.

By boat[edit]

Sehenswürdigkeiten[edit][add listing]

  • Stretch width unit for Anau Milford sound
    File:Milford sound-road.jpg
    Unterwegs to the Milford sound
    :Bereits start to the Milford sound is gespickt from Sehenswürdigkeiten and fantastischen views. The 120km long distance is considered to through showers as one the schönsten Bergstraßen of the world and it wäre unfortunate the distance simply. Während the first kilometers still comparatively unspektakulär are, dip one already after that bend into the Eglinton Valley into a marvelous alpine mountain world. Buchenwäder and Grasflächen alternate. After ungefähr 55km one reaches the Mirror Lakes, in which the high mountains are reflected with zero wind pictorial. To be parked knows directly to the Straße and a way fastened with holzbohlen führt the few meters to that to see. :Nach the Mirror Lake the Straße rises to only the 532m high passport The Divide. It is the niegdrigste east west passport of the Neuseeländi alps. A be worth-worth migration führt from the passport parking lot to the key Summit, the one schönen view more über several Täler offers (about 2-3 hours back and forth, 400 Höhenmeter). On the other side of the passport the Straße führt in the valley to the Hollyford River and follows the river flussaufwärts. The Hütte of the Alpine club is ungefähr a kilometer before the Homer tunnel and is starting point of a further migration. A vierstündige route führt on the Getrude Saddle and again zurück and offers schöne prospect on the surrounding mountains. The Homer tunnel now follows is provided and lässt only only in each case into a direction driven through cars with a traffic light. Possibly one must one quarter of an hour here on drives on waits. After tunnel goes it always far downhill to the Cleddau River. Last stop Milford sound is usually The Chasm. From parking lot führt one reaches the reißenden currentfast of the Cleddau in few minutes.

  • Milford sound of:Der mild Fords sound is a fjord, thus from glaciers and not from Flüssen created valley, which sank more später in the sea. Impressing the fjord is enclosed of more über 1000 meters high Felswänden, from which several Wasserfälle hinabstürzen in the sea. If it rained in the time before the attendance of the fjord is added still some temporäre. In the Nähe of the Fairy of case also a seal colony settled and with something Glück can one or other seal with the Schläfchen on rock observe. more:Der most salient mountain is gladly designated of the Bootsführern than höchste cliff of the world the 1694 meters high Mitre peak, because it abfällt nearly perpendicularly up to the Wasseroberfläche. The mountain received the name, because it ähnelt a Bischofsmütze.

  • Lady Bowen of case:Ein walking way of the boat terminal führt to the lady Bowen Wasserfällen. Für the distance one needs ungefähr 5 minutes. The Wasserfälle is ungefähr 160 m highly. If one follows the water to to the fjord, then one erhält still times a schönen view on the Milford sound and the Mitre peak from something other perspective directly from the water.

  • Milford Underwater Observatory:Die inspection the Milford Underwater Observatory is possible either in connection with a boat route (see Aktivitäten) or with the observatory own shuttle (40 NZD). By disks one erhält insight into the world below the Wasseroberfläche. To see are korallen and aquatic plants. Tel. (03) 249 7400.

  • Donald Sutherlands grave:Das grave of the first settler, the Scot Donald Sutherland, is behind the hotel, between the Unterkünften of the employees.

  • Hollyford Valley:Am passport The Divide bends a Stichstraße in Hollyford Valley. Ursprünglich was to be führen planned the Straße to Haast, was finished only ungefähr 15 kilometers. On half distance is the small settlement Gunns remainder. In the place are a shop, a few Hütten to the Übernachten and a small museum. At the end of the Straße the starting point is to the Hollyford TRACK (see Aktivitäten) and to a short migration (back and forth 30 minutes) to the 3-stufigen Humboldt of case, which are 200 meters high altogether. At the beginning of the Stichstraße (about a kilometer starting from The Divide) there is still the Möglichkeit too about längeren migration (2-3 hours, 400 Höhenmeter) steeply up to the schönen mountain lake the Lake Marian führt.

Aktivitäten[edit][add listing]

  • Boat routes:Die true Schönheit of the Milford sound lässt itself only from the Wassser experienced. The boats usually drive off the complete fjord (22km). One passes Wasserfälle and a seal colony. Some boats hold also at the Milford sound Underwater Observatory. Boats it gives in different Größen, für to twenty and für several hundred persons. Above all the smaller boats drive near more closely to the Wasserfälle and the entire nature experience are more intensive. Who has however problems with sea-travels, should possibly on größeren and more calmly driving ships zurück seize. There are generally two kinds of boat routes round travels (2-4 hours) and Übernachttouren. Sämtliche routes begin at the boat terminal. Three offerers are available: :
  • material Journeys - also material Journeys offers apart from daily routes (partial inclusive observatory) Übernachtungstouren. In addition either offers itself the schlafkojen of a sailing boat reproduction or the luxuriösen cabs of the Milford Marinier. 55-60 NZD für the daily route, night route 155 NZD sailing boat (Milford wanderer), 250 NZD Milford Marinier. Tel. (03) 249 7926.:
  • Mitre peak Cruises - Mitre peak Cruises verfügt only more über a small boat. approx.. 55 NZD für a zweistündige daily route:
  • talk Boat Cruises - Fünf of boats of different Größe. Routes with and without stop at the observatory. 45-62 NZD. Tel. (03) 442 7500.

  • Round flight:Eine worthwhile alternative to a travel with the boat (or as zusätzliche rounding) can represent a round flight more über sound and the surrounding mountains to the Milford. From the small rollfeld at the edge of the fjord regelmäßig small airplanes ascend and offer to the passengers spektakuläre views. Beside Rundflügen of the airfield at the fjord also a quantity of Rundflüge is offered of width unit Anau, Queenstown and Wanaka.
  • Move:Mehrtagestouren:Milford TRACKS - the Milford TRACK is one Great Walks and world-wide with moving friends well-known. The moving way, of width unit Anau to the fjord führt, is 54 kilometers long and one should für the distance ungefähr 4 days time einräumen. Its große popularity makes it necessary the fact that one itself in the summer in time around a moving permission (which one needs für the Hüttenübernachtungen - kümmert. :Hollyford TRACKS - the moving way at the end of the Hollyford Valleys begins is likewise ungefähr 54 kilometers long and it should likewise 4 days time be taken into account. The distance führt relatively evenly from the end of the Hollyford Road to the Martins Bay.

Buy[edit][add listing]

In the Mitre peak Café also souvenirs are sold. A small shop is in the settlement Gunns remainder in the Hollyford Valley. It is advisable to cover up in width unit Anau or Queenstown with sufficiently Vorräten before one to the Milford sound breaks open, since the prices are substantially lower there.

Küche[edit][add listing]

  • Mitre peak Café - the Café to the only hotel gehört offers a typical basic supply at meals and drinking. The price Leistungsverhältnis is however unverschämt elevated.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Only hotel at the place is the Milford sound Lodge, which is appropriate for about 20 minutes to Fuß far away from the boat investor. Beside rooms and sleep hall there is also the Möglichkeit on the Grundstück to tents. To the port a free bus shuttle exists. Tel. (03) 249 8071. Email [email protected] Of the fjord in the Hollyford Valley (Stichstraße starting from The Divide) lies somewhat remotely the place Gunns remainder in the Hütten (Cabins) in the sogennaten Hollyford Camp to be rented können.

Get out[edit]

By the Milford sound remains only the way zurück.

Weiter geht's [[WikiPedia:Milford sound]