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Hi, I’m from Toronto, Canada. I grew up in the Ontario, but also lived in beautiful Montreal and Quebec city (my favourite city).

Currently im editing Georgia article.

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Well I travelled to many places. Almost anywhere in Europe and Canada. I'd love to travel to Ethiopia, Israel and basically everywhere. I went on many trips to Caucasus and fell in love with that region (especially Georgia).


I’m not a fan of Wikipedia. I found many negative sides of Wiki (un-sources materials, biased articles and tons of violations in terms of NPOV). Make sure you use valid and reliable sources for you research in any topic (Wikipedia is not one of them). However, I discovered Wikitravel just recently. In my opinion this web site will revolutionize the travel experience. Books and DVDs on travel are very expensive in the West. In most cases, you can’t find good travel tips from those books. This web site however, will give you chance to learn the experiences from the fellow travelers. Article about Vienna saved me tons of time and money during my brief stay in Austria. I used many tips offered by the author and they worked out great. My desire is to make similar helpful articles and help people before they travel to their destination places. And finally make them happy :)