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Although there are excellent travel books out there in hard copy, the world is dynamic, constantly changing. Besides, it seems humanly impossible for one person or a small team of people to imagine, much less explore all the possibilities. So I have high hopes that WikiTravel will take travel guides to a new level. And just in time, 'cause I'm a boomer due to retire in just a few more years!

Here are some of my interests:

Trout Fishing[edit]

I found Robert Smith's book about native trout of North America when I was in Bend, Oregon in the early 1980s. It got me started on a similar odyssey, even hoping I might find some undiscovered sub-sub-sub species somewhere in the Great Basin. Of course that was a bit naive. Among other things, cowboys love to fish. Nevertheless I really enjoyed catching big Lahontan Cutthroats in Pyramid Lake and little ones in the Independence and Ruby Mountains, Bonneville Cutthroats in the Snake Range, Apaches in Arizona, Gilas and Rio Grande Cutthroats in New Mexico, Westslopes, Redbands, Bull Trout Steelhead in British Columbia, Redsides in the upper Deschutes, Goldens in the Sierras, and Coastal Cutts in northern California and western Oregon. I also loved fishing in the mountains around Los Angeles. Very possibly some of these fish are native steelhead that were cut off from the ocean by flood control reservoirs. There is something magical about having a nice stream all to yourself and catching 50 or so on dry flies, an hour's drive from a city of ten million.

On the road[edit]

We need guides to interstates and federal and state highways. Wikipedia has a project like that, but the head honcho is adamant about it not being a travel guide, i.e. can't put in hints where to sleep, eat, buy gas and stuff to see. Fair enough, so let's do it in WikiTravel.