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Hello, I'm justfred.

I'm from Southern California, raised in El Centro, spent some amount of time travelling in Baja, especially San Felipe (Mexico); and elsewhere.

I arrived at Wikitravel looking for info on a trip I'm taking to China, but it seems a lot of the Southern California/Baja pages are pretty sketchy and it's a big tourist area. So I'll see what I can do about that.

I'm also a private pilot, and have been known to scuba, sail, and snap some pictures. My home site is and among others. I'm also a citizen of Black Rock City whenever it's risen out of the desert.

I'm especially interested in expedition-style vehicle travel. I drive a Land Rover, as well as a Pinzgauer and a Haflinger - though not all at once.

I'm also a Wikipedian (same handle) and I'm aware that sometimes in plunging forward I'll step on some toes or screw up; I'm trying to play within the guidelines but also think outside the box where necessary.

Oh, and I come here sporadically, so if you ask a question it may be a while till I get to it.

Travel Plans[edit]

In November 2006, I plan to visit China with my Dad on a tour, including Beijing, Taiwan, Hangzhou and Suzhou.


Some articles I'd like to write or participate in.

General Aviation Travel I added a little to Travel transportation but really this deserves its own section. Private pilots are often experienced travellers; may travel just to fly.


If you have any questions about these cities and travel topics please contact me using the "E-mail this user" link just below the search button with the subject "Wikitravel - (city name)." Or it is possible for you to leave me a message on my talk page.

El Centro