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I was born in Maryland, raised in Maryland, have lived in Virginia since college, both in NOVA and in Lynchburg. See also my profile on Wikipedia.

Recent Travels[edit]

  • Charlottesville - They have a nice park down there that includes a off-leash dog area.
  • Roanoke - You know, when you have an exotic with health issues at 11:15PM, you'll go anywhere to take care of the poor thing.
  • Washington, D.C. - UNLEASH THE FURY! (Oh, and I've got to recommend Fadó Irish Pub out in Chinatown, if it can be wedged in there...)
  • Baltimore - I'm an otaku. What do you expect? I had to go to Otakon at some point!
  • Philadelphia - We went around Memorial Day, and tried hitting up a lot in a limited amount of time. Learned what SEPTA really means...
  • Cocoa Beach - We took a short-notice trip to Florida to visit friends. We also went to nearby Titusville and Orlando (Alright, I'll fess up: Epcot and Magic Kingdom) for one day each.

Upcoming travels[edit]

  • Richmond, VA / Petersburg, VA - I can't remember when, but I'm supposed to go there. Should be... interesting.
  • Bahamas - Ah, finally! A trip outside of the United States!

Prospective travels[edit]

  • Akihabara - Crossroads of otaku and geek... which are pretty much the same thing, right?
  • California - Don't know where exactly in California, but still...
  • South Korea - Ditto, here.
  • Taiwan - Because of course!
  • England - Meet the relatives in the old world, perhaps?
  • Ireland - Ditto, here.

To-Do List[edit]

Major Contributions[edit]

Lynchburg - As originally posted: User:Jpatch/Lynchburg