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Hello, everybody! I'm going to try to keep what i'm doing during my trip around europe on this page, should be able to put picture on to it etc. I'm going to be going Inter-railing for a month and hope to see as much of Europe as I can, am planning on travelling alone but sure I will meet some people along the way to travel with, or at least spend time with in different cities. This will be my first traveling holiday, so fingers crossed!


Original Plan[edit]

Europe Plan.jpg

I'm still unsure what else will happen, but want to go to Amsterdam, Budapest, Venice, Portugal and Morocco. I will see what happens, will probably meet some people and end up going places together.

Looks to be a good route would be:

This would make 11 stops and would see most of Europe and all of the areas I want to go.

Updated Plan 2[edit]

Europe Plan 2.jpg

As I (with much help from Andrew Haggard (Sapphire)) realised that it is impossible to do both the Bull Run and the Love Parade, i have decided to do the Love Parade, as feel it would be a great place to meet new people and see what happens next. The only change is removing Pamplona from the trip and swapping the order of Berlin and Amsterdam. Keep checking back to see what else happens!

This makes my plan,

Final Plan[edit]

My Travel Plan
Date Plan
July 11th Day 1 -
  • Coach to London from Leeds, set off 13:15 arrive(Victoria) 17:45
  • Eurostar to Paris from London, set off(Waterloo) 19:43 arrive 23:23
July 12th Day 2 -
  • Day Inter-rail Ticket Starts
  • Get an early train to Amsterdam
  • 6:55 train from Paris to Amsterdam Centraal arrives at 11.06 (Journey time 4.11)
July 15th Day 5 -
  • Leave Amsterdam as early as possible and get to Berlin for the Loveparade on the afternoon/evening.
  • 6:54 train from Amsterdam Centraal to Berlin Hbf (Direct) arrives at 13:19 (Journey time 6.25)
July 16th Day 6 -
  • Sleep at Three Little Pigs Hostel
July 17th Day 7 -
  • Get to Prague before 14:00, to meet Jess at the Junction between Partyzanska and Vrbenskeho from 14:30 (Next to Prague Train station
  • 7:42 train from Berlin to Prague arrives at 12.27 (Journey time 4.45)
  • 9:42 train from Berlin to Prague arrives at 14.27 (Journey time 4.45)
July 20th Day 10 -
August 6th Day 27 -
August 7th Day 28 -
  • Get near Faro, Southen Portugal and stay with Dad 'til the 10th
August 10th Day 31 -
  • Leave Portugal and get to Paris
August 11th Day 32 -
  • Arrive in Paris
  • Day Inter-rail Ticket Finishes
August 12th Day 33 -
  • Eurostar to London from Paris, set off 18:16 arrive 19:58 (Waterloo)
  • Get the coach at 23:30 (Victoria Coach Station), arrive at 05:15 (Leeds) WOOO! What a lovely time!

What I Really Did![edit]

Am writing a little diary while I am here, so am gonna copy it up into here when I ge the chance. So you can all see what I am up to, enjoy it!

So far have been to/or am in, have also include saying from each place if one has stood out:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Brussels
  • Amsterdam - No licking, No kissing! (Heard being said to some guy that must have been about 60!)
  • Berlin - The love Is Back! (The love parades moto for the year)
  • Prague
  • Bratislava
  • Budapest - I will survive (Started singing the song while walking to an illegal pub!)
  • Venice - So close but yet so far (You can see where you want to go but the bridge never takes you in the right direction!)
  • Nice
  • Marseille
  • Montpellier
  • Port Bou
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Algeciras
  • Tanger
  • Marrakech
  • Fez
  • Sidi Kacem
  • Tanger
  • Algeciras
  • Bodadilla
  • Seville
  • Tavira
  • Faro
  • Lisbon
  • Hendaye
  • Paris
My Diary, Enjoy it
Date What I Did
July 11th Day 1 -

Have only just got on the Eurostar and have already had quite an eventful time, who knows what tonight is going to be like! Firstly on the mega-hot, but super cheap Mega-Buss, we left 2 passengers at a service station and I ended up sat on their luggage for the rest of the journey. Then completely followed my nose to Waterloo, ended up doing a long cut but did get to see the buskers near the Eye for a while. Got to Waterloo to pick up my tickets and, kindly, turns out that Sta Travel forgot to book them for me(!) but have managed to get on the same train without costing me apenny, just cost Sta Travel 150! Just set off and have managed to get a table to myself some how! Lets see what happenes next!

On the EuroStar

Well... its wasn't as much of a palava as I expected, got into the station and tried to put my bag in a locker but was ten mins late and they were closed, so though bugger it and walked to the 'Love and Peace' hostel, they were full! Got a drink at the bar and spoke to people, teying to see if anyone would top and tail, quite a hard thing to ask, trust me! About half twelve someone else came and asked for a room so i ran after them to see where they were goging. Anyhow, couldn't find anywhere, so ended up in a cheap hotel with some Norwegan guy I can't even remember (or prononce!) the name of! Even woke up with all my stuff still here! Bonus

July 12th Day 2 -

Woke up early to get the 6.55 train to Amsterdam but french poeple are rubbish and can't make up their minds! Went to the ticket office to reserve a seat (as I know thats what I'm meant to do) and was told not to bother, so though "great!" saved me a couple of Euros and makes up for the drink last night! Walked down to the train and they wouldn't let me on, with 10 mins before it sets off, balls! Now every person in Paris has decided to queue at the ticket office so couldn't resereve me seat now. So, got the 7.25 to Brussels and shall see what happenes next!

Got into Brussels at about 9.05, am on now on the 9.46 train to Amsterdam Centraal, so luckily didn't waste me too much time. Brussels looked like it was half made, semi-detatched looking houses, that looked as if they could only be bother to make one half etc. There was some wicked graffiti on the trains around there tho. Ace, you can even buy waffels on the train. Got into Amsterdam about 12.20 and, again, completely followed my nose. Was finding it really hard to find a place to stay until i bumped into 3 scousers (Dom, James and Ste(ve)) so followed them to where they had a reservation in a hostel call ed Durty Nelly's, seems nice but not slept yet! Not much was happening in the Red Light district earlier, expected more! Spent the afternoon playing frisbee with the scousers, has been raelly good fun. Gonna walk to the red light district, well leave the hostel, later to see whats happening. Looking forward to it! I think the scary part is over, now its all just going to be fun!

Well...what abloody mad place! Its bigger and slightly crazier than i expected. Is funny watching all the people go into the booths. Now time to see what sleeping under a big fat snoring man is like, Night

A view of one of the canals
July 13th Day 3 -

First day witohut travelling, has been very nice. Woke up and got break at the hostel, got speaking to a Canadian who was 3 weeks through his trip, was interesting he suggested Estonia! Today have wondered arround 2 markets (with my chums), very nearly bought an ace big old metal plate (about a meter diameter!) but decided would be too annoying to carry this soon into the trip. Me and Ste went the to Heineken Experience (the others couldn't afford it after one buying a winter jumper(don't ask!) and the other buying some shrooms), was really good much better than i expected it to be, got 3 beautiful pints and a bottle opener all for 10 euro (very cheap, when a pint here is 6 euro!)

At the market got some olives, sundried toms, feta and bread for tea, bit dry but nice and very cheap! Not sure of plan for tonight yet, guess it will be a wonder around the red lights again, it would be rude not to!

Got speaking to a bunch of people last night and ended up speaking about reggae. We all ended up in 'Free Adam', the Bob Marley inspired coffee shop. Was good, just not loud enough. Then ended up doing the ususal route around the red lights, am sure the quality had improved for the weekend, ha ha!

July 14th Day 4 -

Have had yet another fun day, the scousers left at breaky so have spent the day with two yanks (Tom + Kyle) went to a market again, bought some stuff today tho. A Top, new ear ring and a few other little things. Got the top for €15 then saw the same top in a sop for €45 (BARGIN), needed it to be as am spending €30 a night in this hostel. After the market we all went to a coffee shop called 'Double Reggae', had ace music (older Bob stuff) and at a nce volume for once, and my rolling was truly on form today to!

Then had a bit of a wonder, we passed 'The Best Brittish Pub In Town', stood out side and had a bit of a laugh cause it looked so bad, then someone who worked there came and pulled us in for a drink. The convercation went something like this:

Him-Come in for a drink
Me-I can't afford to, I only have 10 cents (I wasn't lying!)
Him-No worries come in and have a sit down

(We get pulled to a table)

Me-Look I really can't afford this
Him-Don't worry, just sit down. What do you want?
Me-I can't afford one
Him-Well don't sit in my shop then if your not going to buy anything!

Was all very surreal!

Then i went for a walk on my tod and there were about 100 done up cars (some of them classic) that were driving from Amsterdam to Beijing, don't know when they set off.

One of the cars

In the evening went for a walk with Kyle and Tom, met up with someone who lives here that they met about 3 weeks ago. (he was british)

July 15th Day 5 -

I must have been so annoying eariler! Set an alarm on Kyles phone for 6:45 but only woke up at 6:50 when someone got so annoyed that they walked over to me and woke me! Ha Ha Gutted! Meant I had to get my stuff together super quick as I am now on the 7:13 train to Berlin, should get in about half one! Am currently sharing a six seater cabin with one guy, and bloody hell, he has got the worst smelling feet in the world!

I am looking forward to the Love Parade, have seen a few people wearingt he minging neon techno clothes. One of them is mashed and keeps coming into the cabin saying hi to the five of us now. Train is getting a bit boring now, still got two and a half hours left as well, oh well it will be worth it.

Good God! Its absolutly fantastic, great atmosphere. Just one prbolem the music! Its not even music its random beeps, and i don't usually dislike dancey stuff. Such a pitty that I forget to pack my fun fur waist coat and posing pouch again! There are lots of people just wearing nettings and very little else. I would say I have seen more skin in the last three hours compared to all my time in Amsterdam with staying in the Red Light district! Probably saw about 5 different women who had only a small cross of electrical tape over each nipple and the tiniest shorts you have ever seen! And they all havn't even been young!

I came back from the love parade about 5:45 to go to an Aldi I saw near by but ... forgot Germans are odd and don't really open on the weekend, bugger. I wanted some dirty cheap food, had a pizza in mind as have got an oven!

The hostel is massive, I'm on the seventh floor! Its very clean, new and cheap tho. Meant to be 8 people in the dorm but only a couple so far. Walked in on them smooching on the bed, is abit awkward so not said hi yet!

A view of one of the canals
July 16th Day 6 -

Woke up this morning and had a look through the guide book to try and see what to do today. Under lined and circled a few things but didn't know where a few of them were so went to look on the web, as soon as i got to the reception a tour guide came in offering a free tour of Berlin, who could resist! We all walked to central meeting point and split into smaller groups. It was really good, seemed to see loads and they explained it all very well. Stopped at a place for lunch, to met again outside in 20mins. I got talking to an Auzzie and an American (Ross), none of us had a watch so we sat outside expecting to see when everyone met. We didn't! Thats 30 people we missed, really don't know how! So we followed our mose and luckily re-found the group. Not sure when it finished but mid afternoon time, very good for a freebie!

The monument of the murdered Jews

Then i attempted to walk to some of the places I had circled, turned out they were ages a way. Things always look closer on a map! Got to the Bauhaus museum and it closed it 10 mins, so had a little look at the shop. Looked like it would have been the best part of it anyway! Since then have just been wondering around all the different areas, then got the bus back. Not sure if i like Berlin or not. Suppose everything was closed tho!

I have gone back to the same little Thai restaurant, with my book this time tho! When we were doing the tour the guy showed us where a cool bar was at the top of a building that you get a lift up to, am gonna try refind that again later.

Had another good tea, a yellow curry and some fried pineapple for pud! Went to the bar its was very good got this crazy lift up the side of the building so youare looking over Berlin but when i got to the top it was a really poncey bar that had three poeple in it that were all dressed up, I had a little look around (while wearing some dirty shorts, carrying my book and wearing the same pants that i had been for the last two days!) and then left.

July 17th Day 7 -

Set an alarm for 8:00 to get thr 9:32 train to Prague. Walked to the station rather than getting the tube, walking free! The berlin train station is crazy, its on about 5 different floors, all looks the same and has about a million shops in it, It was much carmer this time tho, there wern't 1.2 million people trying to get to the Love Parade.

Have just worked out that I have already spent 21 hours travelling, no wonder I am bored of trains! Going backwards on this one aswell! Thank god for iPods! Not a mega fan of omst of the music Howarth has given me tho, there are like 1/2 alright songs per album. Some albums are really good tho.

Just got woken up to passport control is all very offical. Six people waering 2 different uniforms, guess some are German and some are Czech. I have already decided that I like it here, it feels like an adventure. I don't have a clue what the person on the speaker thing is saying, I can't even attempt to read any signs cause there arn't enough vowels to make it possible. Looks like the kind of place am going to struggle finding veggie food. And it sounds stupid but it looks like eastern Europe, I want to see what Prague is like!

Managed to meet up with Jess easily, was almost perfect timing. And got to where we were staying really easily. The room is bloody huge, its like the ones you see in films! I have slept in a room this big but with 24 people in it not two!

Prague is ace, every thing is mega grand, have walked up and down Wenscesles squate and around the area at the bottom of it. Had a lovely tea of Gnochi and some crazy baked pita bread thing, was only 500Kr (12,50)! Then got a few beers at different p[laces. Luckily we are just a walk away from every where, can't belive how small it is. Looks as if there are lots of sculptures appearing, shall see what happens to them over the next few days.

July 18th Day 8 -

The breakfast at the hotel is the usual European thing, cheese, bread, egg and meat. Yum!

While we were walking around yesterday we saw the 'Sex Machines Museum' and decided it was a must so went today. Bloody hell! Started of with watching some 1920's porn, it was awful, the man in it was completely disgusting and the owman looked bored/scared and wasn't exactly pretty. Then it just got odder and odder finished with the sadomachism stuff (the wierd leather and chains, while being tied up and whipped!) made us feel abit odd, didn't even know some of the stuff like that had been invented! Or why!

Then walked to Charles Bridge but was bloody hot by this time, was a cool band. Then got some dirty, but tastey, falafel pitas and chips.

The band man, look at the washboard man

Have named one of the scultures toiletrees as they are trees that are covered in toilets (sounds bad but looks good), more sculptures keep being erected! In the afternoon wondered, sat in the park for a bit then decided it was time for a nap!

We read about a pizzeria so headed for there and got a bottle of Absinth on the way, big mistake! It tastes like death, it made me miss about 3 breaths and took about 10 mins to revoer from one shot! Its official that 72% is too stronger drink! Thats the end of my absinth relationship for ever! After the food walked back along the bridge, there was a woman with 2 dogs and 2 rats on the dogs while she was playing a recorder, madness. Czech it!

July 19th Day 9 -

Had a good day today, lots of walking again tho! But were a bit lazy and got a 24 hour ticket for the metro, had hurting feet and was hot! Walked along Charles Bridge, was a different band but they were really good again.

The pose! There are many like this!

Walked up the hill to Prague castle, was a big hill! When got to the top it was like some James Bond film was happening. The President lives in the castle yet it is still open to the public, all very odd. Anyway I was posing for a picture with one of the guards and he moved his gun to a different position, as did the others. 3 black, blacked-out, cars came bombing past and went into a coutyard then reversed into a little door (well car width!). Then while we were in the couryard loads of stuff seemed to happen, it probably didn't but..., people were swopping briefcases, armoured cars going into a dsifferent door way etc. Quite exciting!

Then had a late unch, was very tastey, really creamy feta. Then went for a little shop and a walk. In the evening had a really nice pizza, but the service was really shit. Jess' pasta come about 10/15 minuets before my pizza. Nice cheap beer tho, but had to ask 4 times for one to arrive. Then when we didn't leave a tip the waiter tutted!

The scultures were all finished too, they all had really really poncey descriptions.

July 20th Day 10 -

Got up and had breakfast, we bought some chocolate spread the day before so had that! Packed and then I dropped off Jess at the bus station so she could get a bus to the Air Port.

When I was in Prague train station was walking up some stairs and just heard "Joss" turned around to see the the three scousers so have ended up with them!

Just had a bit of a palava we stopped at a station and somehow thought it was Bratislava as we had been stopped for a while we all rushed off, waited a bit then realsied it wasn't so had to run back on, as I was jumping on the door closed on my foot! Nothing like a little drama!

Bratislava is similar to Prague but very different at the same time, it has a much younger average age and 5 times as many bars. Only got here about six tho so not really had chance to do much just went for a meal (a Pizza) and a walk around. There seemed to be a little music festival thing happening where about 4 bands swopped venues (Little squares and fountains etc.) every 4/5 songs. At one, a jazz band were playing and there were two little kids dancing about, very cute. Made me want one! It feels much hotter here, even tho it is only 4 hours south.

I have ended up sharing a four bedded room with them for the next two nights. Can't really belive have bumped into each other, could have been anywhere in Europe!

July 21st Day 11 -

The room is pretty much at sauna tempurature. So, being me, have been literally dripping just lying down! We have had both windows open, at exactly seven this moring poeple out of the window decided it was time to hit, drill, bang and generally make as much noise as they could. Got, don't you just love building sites!

Today have been to Bratislavas tourist attraction, Bratislava Castle. It was bloody cra[, there was litterally nothing there but a good view of Bratislavas high rise flats! And we had to walk up a big hill to get there! We have also had an American (Arron) who is teaching english in Istanbul with us today, meeting up with him again later.

Have been to a really big market this afternoon, was ace couse there wasn't one other tourist and know one could speak any english! Sold alsorts but mainly fruit+veg and clothes. There were also loads of little cheap beer and wine halls, about 25p a pint! Got a crazy lunch, was like a deep fried pizza base, drizzled in garlic oil, then covered in mayo, the sprinkled with Edam. Was pretty good but hard to eat. Have just got the tram back and are blobbing for a while.

At the Solvak pub, left to right, Ste, Jay, Aron and Dom
July 22nd Day 12 -

Today has been crazy!

Got up earlyish as had to checkout at ten and wanted to be off! After going to tesco got the tram to the train station. Had to wait about one hour twenty mins for the train to come, took the piss. Then about 20 mins before it was meant to set off all the trains got a 20 min delay! At least it gave me a good photo opertunity! (Howarth you will be impressed!)

Again the pose!

Finially got the train and it was litterally boiling and packed. There were about 7 of us, all with big back packs, stood inbetween the two carrages. All got talking and managed to get in a cabin later on. There was a Canadian, a Yank, a Kiwi and 2 people for the U.K. Got to the station in Budapest and tried to find a hostel with everyone but the yank was a right palava! We got a free shuttle bus to a hostel but they didn't have room for the five of us. So Grant, the Canadaian, 21, attempted to lead us to another. He didn't. Know-one really likes him, he is a complete geek to be honest, mightily dull! After about two hours and a quick stop at a chinese restaurant managed to get to a hostel call Garibaldi, fuck me! It was awful! Me at Patrick, English (York), 25, went in to have a look, it was like where all the poor old people live, lots of broken windows and greyness. We got the lift to the 5th floor, where the hostel was meant to be. The lift was pretty much a mechanical death trap! When we got to the right floor there were just two locked doors and the stairs back down. Once we got back on the ground flor realised we were locked in! Was veryfunny! Pretty much had to break our way out. So have ended up in a hostel with the five of us, one is one the floor, paying 5280 for the two nights. Works out at £13! Have fantastic showers to. There is also Jono, the Kiwi, he is cool got blond dredlocks and is funny, quite unusual, we would fit in as a woodie. And Tom, U.K., again very funny and easy to talk to just a bit of a know it all.

Tried to go out but it was basically impossible, we were walking for about an hour and a half and found nothing until we stumbled on a place called Nervada Bar, it was abloody wild west style pub. Couldn't belive it was so quite for a capital on a saturday night. We got one drink there and kept going, suddenly started seeing life again after walking down some dodgey roads. Turned out there were two clubs next to each other. Paind 100 forints (25p!) to get in, or through as it was an out doo club. While we were there also bumped into two more Kiwis, so ended up being 7 of us. It was a crazy place, there was a little paddling pool thing with a bar in the biddle, two areas with different D.J.s and an area full of fussball tables, air hockey and there other games. Left when the sun had rised and was light again, would guess it was about 5:15ish. Got a cab back to the hostel.

July 23rd Day 13 -

Got back and went to bed but it didn't really last too long, its basically impossable to sleep in the day (or sleep in) cause of the heat. Lots of sweat!

Had a bit of an organising moring, working out where to go next etc, can't belive am half way through tomorrow! Decided to go to Milan as need to start getting west. Went to an internet cafe to look at train times, with two minuets to go decded to go to Venice, mainly cause it was 5 less hours on the train, is still 12 hours tho!

Went to the train station to reserve a seat, while we were there Paddy decided to come there to with me. We are getting on well, seem very simular - bothe veggie, both dyslexic, both cool! The five of us had spilt up by this point so has Me, Paddy and Grant. Grant and Tom really didn't get on. Got the tram for Pest to Buda (They are two different citys on oposite sides of a river) but Mr Unadventurous was basically having a fit cause we didn't buy a ticket, bum head! Wondered around a bit, ended up on some pedestrian bridge that had a little festival thing happening, live music and a god atmosphere. We got some sweet bread stuff, it was barbequed while the dough was wrapped around a rolling pin thing, was then covered in cinemon. Lovely! We sat eating it in front of some man with a big bird of prey. Only trouble was he was as drunk as anything, completely wrecked! Her threw me aleather glove and put his bird on me, turned out to be a creppy photo, my face is scary!

Walked back along the bridge to Pest and sae a big screen playing classical music, sat for a bit and got talking to some Hungarian woman called Zita, 21. The music astopped and a film came on, didn't really watch it just spoke. Found out that the sweet bread thing was called chinney cake. We asked her if there was a good place to go out abd she said she would take us there, to some illegal pub! Met with the others and set odff, walked doqwn through a train station and a dodgey alley thing, we were bricking it! But once we got there was a really nice pub, not dodgey at all. All had a really good chat and a few beers. Also had the two local spirits, really not nice but tasted like water compared to the Absinth. All had a good night, Zita stayed at the hostel with us, so was 6 of uas in a 4 bedded room. Not sure if something happened between her and tom!

At the pub, left to right, Zita, Tom, Paddy, Jono, Dudio, Grant
July 24th Day 14 -

Has been quite a good sleep catch up day. Woke up at about half six to get the 8:25 train, felt a little rough think it was one of the shots from last night, home-made honey and plum stuff!

Jono and Tom walked to the station with us, to get away from Grant, we got guided there by Zita. Went via a shop and got some chrisps, bread and juice. Got one that just tastes like vitamin tables, and have got two litres of the stuff to drink! There is just me and Paddy in a six seater cabin. The seats do a crazy thing, like recline and slide down to meet in the middle, have done it to all six seats, cant see the floor so is just like on massive bed (hmmm that sounded a bit gay, its wasn't, trust me!) Managed to lie down and sleep quite well. Its just the bloody passport controll people, ticket master and customs officer that make you not be able to sleep m,ore than 30mins. Will be a 12 hour train ride and will go throught 4 different contries, 3 of which have never been to before (croatia, Slovenia and Hungary!), its completely mad. Have got quite a few passport stamps. The topilets are really odd on this train, they are litterally just a long drop down to the floor, you can watch the floor go by while having a wee! We must be nearly in Venice now, seem to have been on the train for a life time, and its got dark! Lets hope we find a hostel, if not have heard there is a beach to sleep on that is popular with travelers!

We were meant to be in Venice at 8:30, its now 10:10 and still not there, was told the italian trains were late but didn't expect them to be this late. We ended up gwetting in about 2 hours ;ate, meant it was a 14 hour trip, the longest yet. Got speaking to an Australian couple for a bit, swopped some magazines.

The view from the station was brilliant, the best view from a station so far. There is a real buzz about the city, sat for a while on the grand canal.

My first view of Venice

Now the search was on for a hostel, not an easy task. Its the easiest place to get lost in the world! We found one hostel eventually (about an hour and 15 later!), had to ask a local on his boat. He ended up saying just get in, so got a midnight tour of Venice by boat from a man smoking a joint! The hostel was closed, as was everything else (including hotels and bars). Started re-following our noses and bumped into a mexican traveler looking for his hostel, he was called manuel. He had a reservation but we got there, while walking up the stairs all the lights switched off, turned out to be a girl only hostel, the man was useless. Back at the bottom of the stairs Paddy started having a got about the man to this girl saying how bad he was. She just said "thats my dad your talking about!", we just ran, literally!

My bed for the night! Were more people than this!

We ended up not being able to find a hostel, got to the train station about half one in the moring, there were about 35 people sleeping on the steps to it, we decided to join them, first time I have slpet rough, suprisingly good few hours kip say was on a stone floor. Put my money down my boxers and slept on my bag. Got woken up at 6:15 by some police officer telling us to move on. before we slept got talking to an American, and Manuel found two Mexicans to talk to. Was really odd, the yank said do you smoke sisha, then pulled one out of his bag about 30cm tall. Manuel said wait a sec and pulled one out of his bag about 60cm tall, couldn't belive it! So had a sisha about 2 in the morning on venice train station steps, madness!

July 25th Day 15 -

While on the road heard about a good campsite in Venice, from Grant. We are on the 7:00 train to the mainland, takes 10 mins. Knew it was close to the airport, so got an airport express there and a taxi to the campsite. Managed to check in about 8:30. Got what was called a house tent but was nothing house like about it. Was the size of two narrow bed and about 30 cm inbetween them. Not bad for 12.50 euro saying the place has a pool! The pool was first on our agenda, jumping in (well being pushed in) for the first time was ace, very refreshing. After the pool had a quick shower and into venice. It really is a fantastic place, would probably say one of the prettiest towns i have ever been to! The place has a real charm, still easy to get lost in the light tho!

Went to a cool retro shop, all sorts or odd stuff, crazy people working there. Fed the pidgeons in St. Marks and walking over Rialto bridge (and I would guess all the 399 others it feels like!)

In St. Marks Square, this has also turned into Paddys pose!

Its mad saying it is the flattest city in the world, all being about 30cm abouve sea level, I have never walked up and down so many stairs while walking around! Lunch was a couple of Pizza slices on the edge of the canal, lovely Pizza! Paddy got a T-Shirt that said Ciao Bella writen like Coca Cola, tried it on over a beer, realsied it was a girls (the waiter found it really funny!).

Went back to the campsite amd got tea there (pizza again!) and then onto the campsites bar. Tried a drink called a cement mixer, one shot of fresh lime juice (done first and kept in your mouth) then one shot of baileys, swirl them around in your mouth. Try it you will see why they are called cement mixers!

The cement mixer experience! Think thats just the lime tho!

Later turned abit more clubby, was alright just bloody hot. When it was finished, at half 2, 5 of us jumped voer the wall and went for a little swim. A nice way to cool down. During the night Paddy bumped into someone he knew from Berlin, Kate. She is nice, been traveling for a while!

July 26th Day 16 -

That was probably the sweatiest night of my life, think i almost died! I could have rung out my sheet, disgusting. Woke up and within 3 mins were in the pool, some of the first people in there! So blobbed around there for a few hours, ended playing with some little kids (we had a ball), wish everywhere had a pool!

Got some bread, cheese and pesto to make sandwhiches with for breakfast and lunch, not too bad. Just a little warm and would be much nicer with some salad in it. Decided to head to Lido beach, was a right effort getting there - first a 30min coach ride, then a 45 min boat ride and finially a 15min bus ride.

Just having a little Icecream on the boat, hmm I like the pose!

There was a sign saying what tempurature stuff was at 11:05 the sand was 45 and the sea was 29, it felt like a bath! We somehow managed to get on the private section of the beach, got moved along once (was annoying cause there was a good pier to jump from). Moved down about 100m and settled there, I got stung by a bloody jellyfish about four times on the foot, they are like wasps (they have no point!). Once we had had enough of the beach walked to the public section for a shower, was bloody freezing!

There was this crazy beach bar call The Love Shack (but in Italian) there were hamocks and loads of double bed everywhere! Was a cool place, they were doing a beach party in the evening. Paddy went back cause he met this Austrian lady, not heard the news yet! Me and Kate got a pizza (bloody hell i am eating alot of the stuff!) each and sat on a canal edge. I think there was an equivilent of a boy racer, he was just going up and down this little canal.

I got the 22:50 night train to Nice, walked in to the cabin expecting 3 outher travelers, it was 3 french 50 year lds. Just read a bit and went to sleep, first time i have slept with air con, a luxary!

July 27th Day 17 -

Got woken up this morning by the ticket man wuth only 30 mins of traveling lieft, was the quickest 11 hours journey ever! By the time i had woken up the 3 others had left (with their bags) abd moved a ladder about 15cm fron ny head, dont know how i didn't wake up. The view from the train was amazing, clear bkue waters down a little cliff about 5n away. Picture perfect!

Got to the station expecting to find some hostel people. Didn't! Went to an internet cafe ti fund a place to stay, there was only one leftm probably why there weren't people at the station. Got into the hostel about half onem and just had a bit of a blob till about 4. Its a big old place all done upm currently having breakfast in a chapel!

Got the bus into town, went miles past where i wanted to get off! had a little walk around the old town. Got some fresh ravioli for tea, was ok just very filling. In the evening just sat in the chapel (common room) talking to peoplem a beer was only one euro so not too bad. Think it might be time to start budgeting as now have a few night trains.

While i was in town saw some people junping fron little cliffs. It was a group of teenagers daring each other to go higher and higher, would guess it got to about 20m. Looked as if they were going to land on the rocks below!

Beard update: It getting pretty long, def the longest it has been. Doesn't look too bad just feels horriable!

July 28th Day 18 -

Slept quite well but these two people decided to unpack and repack their bags at 7 for an hour, must have been looking for something. The breakfast was quite good , nice to have cereals fora change from cheese. Got speaking to an AMerican call Blueray (or just Blue) so spent the day with him, and another American called Mike, who Blue had met the night before.

We headed for the fruit and flower market in the old it, it was very nice. Got some great Moroccan olives (looking even more forward to Morocco now!) and the others got some tomatoes. Then had a wonder around the old town, go some Corona sobet (Howarths recomendation), it was absolutrly fantastic. You could tell it was Corona not just any beer and was still a little fizzy some how! Gonna try to make some, not sure how yet!

Now is that a Nice beach (get it!)

Walked to the beach cause had seen the jumpers before and wanted ago. Ours were know where nwear as high tho. I would guess they were still inbtween 9 and 10 meters, quite scary expecially as the first one we did you had to jump out about 3 and a half meters to avoid the rocks under the water. Non of us did that one again! Didn`t do my first jump great and ended up getting slaped in the chest and face by the water. Messed around there for about 2 hours. Mike went to buy some hash from a person who was also jumping in, cost him 60 euro and has only got a little bit for tabacco wrapped up in paper to show for it, gutted!

We were sat up at the top and 3 people came running past, we went to look what they were running to, to see if something had happened. It had. About 50m down from where we were other people were jumping from the rock and someone had landed on a rock under the water! 2 big ambulences, 1 small one, 2 boats, 1 police car and 2 police bikes. He can´t have been too hurt as he stumbled into the back of the ambulance.

Went to book my night train for this evening (I had checked out in the morning) there was no room left on it! So had to book the 6 in the morning one for tomorrow. Decided to sleep in the grond of the hostel as didn´t want to pay for a night when would need to leave at half four. So spent the night in the bar again.

July 29th Day 19 -

I ended up sleeping in a chair in the chapel. Was bloody awful waking up at 4:30, there were still people up and on the web! Walked to the station, which looking back at it was a bit dodgey, if I am going to get mugged it would have been then. So fingers crossed!

Its really annoying cause what would have ben a one train trip has turned into a four train journey. Am currently on the second one from Marseille to Montpellier, then I have to do Montpellier to Port Bou, the Port Bou to Barcelona. Get in at 6:46, a 12 hour and 46min journey! Just recounted how many hours I have been on a train, 53.25!

Got into Barcelona about 45 mins late, decided to book my train ticket to Granada stright away, the queue was two hours long! It was one where you get a ticket and wait for your number to be called. Got speaking to 4 brits (Johnny, George, Marris, Mark), they were close to being called, so went up with them. The station was complete madness, descovered that the airport is on strike so all the spanish people are going on train holidas. I wantesd to book my ticket for the first (2 days away) but the fitrst seat available was on the 16th! Got one to Madrid instead. Went looking for a hostel with them (They couldn´t get on the night train they wanted), they were all booked up or absolutly disgusting, so decided to sleep rough, again. Put all out bags in a locker and headed off. Got speaking to some french people and they told us about a square that is good to sleep in. We headed there.

Got close and saw this odd pink foutain with probably about 1000 people around waiting for something to happen. We walked up to it, once we were about 20m from it music started and ths fountain sprung into life. It kept changing in time with the music and kept changing colours. Sounds really stupid but was one of the most amazing things i have ever seen. It was about a 50m circle and fired water about 30m up. It last about 10 mins, the first time I have ever clapped a fountain! Go to Espanya Square at 11 O´clock if you are ever in Barcelona. No, come to Barcelona just to see it, its well worth it. Trust me!

Doesn´t give it justice!

The five of us slept on this momument thing, we got moved on about half two/three. So just stumbled to some grass. Was truly sleeping rough!

July 30th Day 20 -

We set an alarm for 7 so they could catch there train. I, on their recomendation went to find a hostel call Hello BCN, they had stayed there the night before. I was there before eight and got a bed sorted for tonight. Managed to get this morning breakfast to! Had a blob over breafst and left again at half nine. Feel suprisingly good saying have hardly had any sleep over the last two days.

I walked along the Ramblers, they were still setting stuff up, kept on following my nose and worked out i was half way to the Cathedral so decided to go there. What an amazing place, I knew it was still under construction but i didn´t realsie that it was still literally half finished after 125 years!

The finished side!

It was a place that i love love to come back to in like 40 years cause you would expect to real see the change. Makes you think how hard they must have been to make like 300 years ago! If more churches were like this there would be more religious people, it official!

Got the tube back to the end of the Ramblers and walked down there and the area around it. Was very tempted to buy a rat as a travel companion, there were very cheap and quite cute! Alot of different standy still people, some of them were quite good. Walked down to the prt and sat dangeling my feet in thw water, there were quite a few fish some about 20cm long. Will have topped my tan up abit to, cause i really need to ha ha! After that came to check in and get a shower, nicest show i have had yet, i felt so dirty! The bed rooms have air con, WOO!

Got speaking to loads of people, 8 of us cooked together, made a veg curry and rice. Was yummy! Got playing drinking games at about half ten, its a really social place, must have been about 20 of us at one point. Was a right laugh, everyone was up for it.

One of the games! Left to right - James, Rich (cant remember which way round!), Fina, ????, Charlie, Jai, Megan and The master!

The main people have been spending time with and speaking to are Megan (California), Charlie and Jai (Sydney) and Fine and ???? (sorry!) (Berlin). We all get on well, was quite odd cause i was almost already part of the group as soon as i arived from meeting the boys the night before. They gave me something I need to pass on to Megan for them.

The ultimate posing!

At about half four i went to find my Birkenstocks, they had gone and only took them of like 10 mins before. There was a different pair left so someone must have just picked up the wrong pair, some Irish guy i cant remember the name of i think. Got to bed about 5.00.

July 31st Day 21 -

Woke up at about 9:00 and went straight down stairs to try and find the guy with my shoes. Sat there drinking awful coffe that just tasted like hot! He came down aftrer about an hour and I jumped on him (Almost literally), it was like finding an old friend when i got them back, would have been completely gutted if i lost them. Would have very hot feet for the next two weeks, and very smelly socks!

Mum or Joe, remember this place?

We all blobble about till 11:45ish, all feeling worse for wear, and decided to go to the market for a wonder around. Wasn´t as good as i had remebered but think we only got the end of it as quite a few stalls were closed. Got some sald thing for lunch from a stall called "Organic is Orgasmic!", was really tastey but made the three of us who ate is all feel abit sick. Then just seemed to walk around all the hippy shops and the such in the little roads around the Ramblers. Fina nearly got her lip pierced but didn´t want to wait and already felt a bit ill. Its a really fun group of people i am with at the moment, very glad the Boys from two nights ago suggsted it. Jai and Charlie have asked if i want to meet up with them when they come to England, the Boys will be meeting them to! Is gonna be sometime in Sept.

Once we were back at the hostel just had a little kip and messed around there. Me and Fina have been getting on well, been having a right giggle mainly at my nicht so gut German. Its funny cause she decribes things just like Claudia. Left the hostel at half five to catch the half six train to Madris, am on it now who knows what is gonna happen later, again! Might be one another train or might be spending the night there. Sleep time, night (Well afternoon!)

Well got into Madrid at about 23:30, didn´t see any other backpackers on the train, dont know why. WAlked about in the station and found three people from Kentucky, they had a hostel so went with them. There wasn´t a train out in the direction i needed to go. By the time we had got to the hostel it was ten past one. I knew the ticket office opened at six so I decided no to checkin and headed back to the station. When i was coming back on the metro, one person started tapped a little rythm on his seat another joined in, then one on the windor etc. Soon there was a little ten piece samba band basically. One person got up and started to sing and dance, was all very surreal.

When i got to the train station it was very simular to Venice but would say there were only 20 people this time. There was a group of people playing a board game.

August 1st Day 22 -

got woken up at quarted past 5 by security as the train station had reopended. Its a odd train station, there is a little tropical garden in the middle of it so watched turtles chase little fish before the office opened.

My view at 5:30 this morning!

Turned out that it acctually opened at 6:45. And once again the train i wanted was fully booked, am not loving the spanish trains yet, works out that i am now on the 23:00 night train to Algeciras instead. Still felt abit odd from that bloody salad so have been taking it easy this morning, am in the ´Gardens of Buen Retiro´, they are nice. Again sat feed some fish with my breakfast, some bigguns here. About as big as the ducks!

Have had 2 paracetimols and 3 liters of water and am feeling much better, I didn´t even drink 2 liters yesterday so would guess i was also dehydrated. ( That sounds a lot but its nothing in this heat!) I have read my book to see what there is to do in Madrid and it turns out there isn´t much at all. even the train station is a tourist attraction cause of the tropical garden. I have basically already done 2 of the 3 attractions (with the park and the station) and the third is a art gallery but full of old spanish stuff. Have spent ages walking arond trying to find shops but can only find either Prada, Burberry, Rolex or other stupidly expensive stuff! Guess im not in the right area.

The happy traveller! Oh p.s. I have stretched my ear a little bit!

Went to the station to drop off my bag (I am leaving from a differnt station) its right in the middle of know where! Then i got the tube back to the original station as have realised that i kind of missed the centre, went on the web while i was there. Turns out it still isn´t much of a centre just a collection of kebab shops! Went into a pet shop, they were selling animals that i didn´t even know what they were. they were also selling albino hedgehogs, the rats weren´t as cute here.

I found the equlivant of a 2p machine, so went on it for a while aftewr the excitment in woolacombe! Walked around for a bit then got a falafel kebab and ate it in the little square that i found this morning, from what i have seen its the best thing about Madrid!

Just about to go to the train station, Morocco here we come! Finially. Was in a six seater cabin just like the one me and Paddy were in, apart from there were six of us. Only one person spoke english, Maris (31,Madrid), got speaking to her and swopped photos etc, she had just come from paris. Was a very small sleeping placem slept like a ball, yet slept suprisingly well!

August 2nd Day 23 -

Woke up again with ony about half an hour to go, the view didn´t look like spain, was very hilly and covered in horses. I woke up last again. Bought my ticxket from Algeciras to Tanger in the station. Was really odd the boat that took 2.5 hours was 35euro, 2 hours 32euro and 35 mins 29euro, guess which one i got! It defies all logic.

Got speaking to a few people waiting to board the ferry, 3 Aussies, 2 Portugese, 1 Canadian and a Brit. Kept talking to them on the ferry, it bloody rocketed along. Was over before i had even got settled.

Wow! This place is super! Me, Steve (The Brit, near Hull, 24) and Corey (The Canadian, 24) got a taxi to the train station to reserve seats for the night train to Marrakech. Some how ended up buying 2 tickets each, everybody is trying to rip you off, oh well! We all then got a taxi to where the Aussies and the Portugese were staying to spend the day with them. Corey also checked in cause he was leaving the day after. We dropped of our bags and headed for the town. I love it, already one the best places i have been to. It feels really adventurous - people are trying to rip you off, you can buy food that you dont know what it is and you can´t read a word of the writing!

The haglers havn´t been to bad its the kids that are worst trying to sell you chewing gum. I have bought something very odd tho, a bloody tortoise!!! He is about 5cm long head to tail and only cost 4euro includeding a little basket thing. Its completely mad, only realsied what i had done afterwards. Have called him Tange, after Tanger. Got a tomatoe for him for half a Dirham (3p) the person eyes lit up when I offered ´so´ much for just one|! Shall have to see what happens in customs.

We then all wondered around the little maze of small streets overflowwing with market stalls and "Tour Guides" (people who will take you to there friends shop and can speak most languagesm they are always over nice, and try to sell you hash) It is fantastic, like nothing i have ever seen before, and I got here on a train via eastern Europe!

It was 37c and we were all really sweaty so we decided to geet some hot(!) mint tea. Was acctually really nice! Just attracted endless aamounts of bees. Cause I was carrying TAnge around it was basically a big sign saying I buy silly stuff come and sell me something! I was like the pied piper, especially with the kids. They were all so excited to see him ewven tho you can buy them one every street corner!

We all got tea on a little road side stall, was nice. I got the same as everyone else minus half a chicken and they still charged the same amount! Oh well, was still only like 1.20! Cant really complain.

Me and steve got a taxi to the station for the night train to Marrakech, cant wait!

August 3rd Day 24 -

Woke up to the most amazing view, it was unbelieveable, vast open spaces scattered with small groups of mud huts, heards of goats wondering and what looked to be shear heat. Again had managewd to wake up with only 30mins left of the journey. Pulled into the station and was sure we could only see 5 others backpackers, was exciting!

We went to get a taxi to the Medina (Cental square, where all the good stuff happens) and got speaking to two Argentinians (Pilar, 31 and Ali, 28 they were a couple), so got a taxi with them. Went to look for a hotel together, have ended up in a god one for about 9 quid a night right next to the media. We made plans to meet up for tea. I really couldnt belive how exciting this place is, there is so much to see and do. Me and Steve just followed our noses around the souks (Market stalls), its pretty much impossable not to buy anything its all amazing and cheap. I love how you can haggle.

We started looking at a spice stall and got asked inside, the guy who owned it seemed cool so said ok, we sat in his shop for about an hour or more drinking mint tea and just having a general chat. He showed us this stuff you snort through some material, i bought some, its meant to stop snoring and migrains but its is just good fun cause it makes your eyes water! It was a really nice experience, his canadian fience was there, so the four of us were just talking.

Later we got invited into a wod carving shop and drank even more mint tea, he made it in front of us this time tho, the whole process took about 20mins. In his shop there were picture of him and other people from around the world, i took his adress to send the picture i took of us two. Again a really nice genuine person. I asked him what he thought he tempurature was, 45c!, its nice to see the locals are struggling to!

We went back to the hotel to meet aLi and Pilar and went into the Medina, it really comes to life at night, about 100 restaurants pull up all offering slightly different stuff. I got a cous cous thing, was really nice, was also given bread, olives, 3 sauces and some 45 spice (a mix of 45 different spices that is meant to cure all!)

Got walking around all the entertainmeant, you cant stand and watch for long cause someone either asks for money or puts a monkey or a snake on you then takes a picture and asks for money. Ali tried to buy some hash, he paid 15 euro and got what we thought was a good deal until he realised it was a chocolate toffee. Was very funny, he was gutted tho! The four of us sat on the hotel balcony talking into the early hours, unforgetable. Its amazing the stuff you get to do in a day!

August 4th Day 25 -

Breakfast was included at the hotel, was aselection of different breads with orange juice. There were these nice little square things, we had seen larger ones being made the day before, they are like little thick dense pancakes. They are nicely greasy and went well with jam, we called them Berber pancakes. It was really nice sleeping with Air con a complete life saver i would guess!

Me ans steve had to change hotels cause Ali and Pilar were going further south. We got a hotel about 50m closer to the medina, was only 5 quid each! We went for a walk around the souks again but as it was a friday (the same as our sunday) only about 50% of the stalls were open, it didn´t have quite the same buzz but it was still absolutly brilliant.

We looked at a stall for slightly to long and ended up posing for a picture wearing the typical headdress! We got invited inside for some mint tea, its too tastey to refuse! If i didn´t like the stuff i would end up saving so much money, but its absolutly fantastic, and its even nice when someone makes it rather than get it at a cafe. We got shown how to tie them and again just had a chat. Ended up each making a purchase!

We got walking again and ended up find a chicken souk, it was brilliant. You could get all thinks chicken related: eggs, live bird and dead bird. We watched someone but some chicken for meat. The guy somehow managed to catch 6 at a time and then tie there leg together. He made four bunches and threw them (literally!) onto some scales, a little calculation was made then they were thrown through a little hatch into another area. We walked around the back and saw a man killing apulking them. This is how meat should be done, a small two manprocess start to finish.

We got back to the median expecting to find it empty, it bloody wasn´t! It seemed to be even busier if that is posible! We went to restaurant 81 as we said we would the night before to the man (to get rid of him!) and he recognised us! It was fantasic, the best augbergine i have ever tasted and the whole thing for both of us only came to four euro! We looked at the buskers for a while then went to sit on the hoel roof. Lets see what a room with no air con is like!

August 5th Day 26 -

Again another sweaty night not as bad as the tent in Venice but quite close, the pillow was awful aswell. I set an alarm for what i tohugh was nin to catch the 11:00 train to Fez, turned out i somehow set it for eight so everything happened an hour early. We got showers etc. and went to get a berber pancake for breakfast, it was ace we got it fresh of the hot plate.

We got to the station at about 9:45, more back packers this time but still not many. We arn´t sure how long the train is going to take, we are just at Casablana after four hours, hopefully only have 3 hours left. The views again have been very impressive, the are vast areas of plat open spaces then quite dramatic hills and mountains.

We ended up getting into Fez at 8:00, turned out to be a nine hour journey! We somehow got speaking to a guy who looked like he had jut left the army. He kind of had, he was working for the UN in western sahara keeping the peace. He was called Johan (John) was 44 and an Austrian. We all went to a hotel together, me and Steve got a room and John paid to sleep on the roof. Only pain 50 dirham (5euro, 3.50 quid) but the room was as close to a prison cell as i would ever like to get!

We walked around the town, not as much going on here compared to Marrakech. For tea found a little kebab type shop was more like a sandwhich. I had a fried egg, chilli, rice, olives, carrots, friend patatoe stuf and salad. Was absolutly fantastic and it only cost like a quid, I love this place!

We all went up the the terrace, there were two groups of english people sat around talking and playing music. They were from York, Hull and Leeds! Went and spoke to them for about an hour, one was absolutly fantasic on a diablo. Steve also decided to sleep on the roof cause of the heat, i went back to my cell!

Tange Update: He is still alive and doing well. Have descovered he doesn´t like cucumber or tomatoe but cabbage and lettuce seems to be a winner, so am now carrying a bloody heavy cabbage with me!

August 6th Day 27 -

I have lost this page of my diary for now, give me chance to find it!

August 7th Day 28 -

(Again starts half way through!) bus journey is, I planned to met Dad etc. at the Airport.

Well...the bus is pretty good but is completely taking the piss it seems to stop every 10/15mins to let one person off. We had a five min break at a place called Tavira, I have a feeling this is where we were heading anyway so decided to jump ship amd risk it. I rang them and the risk was worth taking, they came to meet me at the bus station. The trip from Fez had taken 30 hours!

August 8th Day 29 and 30 -

Spent the days on the beach in Santa Luzia, very near Tavira

August 10th Day 31 -

I set an alarm from 6:30 to catch the 8:55 train to Lisbon from Faro, we set off at 7:00 as I expected long quese at this time in the morning for tickets and we left an hour to get to Faro. We really didn't need it, there were two people in the train station never mind in the queue and it took us 40mins to drive there. We sat and had a coffee at the only place open, cafe train station.

The train to Lisbon took four hours and went suprisingly quick, i must have fallen asleep. Once is Lisbon I went to reserve my bed on the night train to Hendaye, and then onto Paris. Getting on this train was crutial to me completing my trip without flying home (my ticket nearly runs out and have booked the eurostar, so would be cheaper to fly from Lisbon) Lisbon station is very odd, it took me ages to find the ticket offices, it was like it had been designed then an adstract artist used the design as inspiration and swopped their work with the original plans. Anyway I found the queue and waited 5/10 mins. Once I was at the front I was told international tickets were somewhere else and they opened in an hour (Booth 18 at 2:10 if you ever need it), bugger. I got a packet of chrisps and sat down to start a queue, I gave Tange a walk, was getting quite abit of attension but all positive.

Luckily I managed to get on both trains to Paris, I get into Paris at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, 22 hours later! The train has already been quite eventful, when i got on I went to a cabin with two Canadians rather than my cabin that had 4 chinese people in it. Put my bags up to the top and got settles, I lasted 20 mins before the people who had reservations in there arrived. So moved into my cabin, it was hot. It looked like there had all been on a big shopping spree and were eating things that I honestly had know idea if a fruit, veg or meat. After about an hour the aircon decided to break, then it got really hot. Litterally non-stop dripping the hottest heat I have ever felt all holiday. We all got moved to a different carrage, the air con only lasted 45 mins in this one! Its bloody awful! There was quite a big revolt and it ended up with 3 people from the carrage playing with the wires trying to get them to work out of desperation, after about 45mins they some how did! It has taken about an hour and a half for the cabin to cool down and before that it was a private 5 person sauna, and even hotter when you are on the top bunk of 3! The cabin is the same size as 6 seats but instead of seats it is six beds! There is probably about 80cm between my mattress and the ceiling! And have just discovered that it is about 5cm too short for me to be able to lie straight, don't think its going to be a good nights sleep but shall see!

August 11th Day 32 -

I got woken up at about half six by the ticket man to give me back my ticket, and they do it just to wake you up, thats probably the reason I keep waking up with only half an hour of the journey left! I woke up still wanting to sleep more, I was in a really heavy sleep, didn't wake up too sweaty either. When I woke up I got my stuff ready etc and got down my bag, it must have been the chinese peoples first night train as they all fell back asleep.

The train to Paris left in 50mins so I left the station and went to find some breakfast/ Bloody hell, the french know how to bake! I had the three best chocolate coisants the world has ever seen! They were light yet filling, were just the right sweetness and had obviously been made about 20mins before. There were also my lunch, I wasn't complaining!

The train from Hendaye to Paris was pretty uneventful, I just laughed along to Chris Moyles podcasts, must have lloked silly but of well. While I was on the train I realised that I had a day and night in Paris that I had forgotten about, I decided to see if I could change my eurostar ticket to an eariler train, for today. I had got into my head I was going home and was beginning to look forward to it. All seats on all trains today were full, looking back at it I'm glad I didn't get the oppertunity to chagne it.

I decided to walk to the Peace and Love Hostel where I started my trip as it was the only one I knew. It was full. Again. (I have just descovered that biro doesn't work to draw on tortoise shell!) I went into the internet cafe nearby to book a hostel online, I got the second to last bed in a hostel in Paris! It took me about an hour to walk there, I ended up going throught the norhern africa area (was like Morocco again, all signs and drinks etc. were in Arabic), then went through the Carabean area where you could buy Jerk Chicken from places just called Rasta-Shop. In 20mins I saw 3 other white people, I really enjoyed it but I bet its the areas that the guide books tell you to avoid.

I got to the hostel onl to be told it was full and that he emailed me back to say so, it was the websites fault not theres. They found me a bed at another hostel but I refused cause I was annoyed! I sat out side swearing to my slef for ten minuets and then went to re ask where this hostel was. I made it here and am sharing a room with 4 Italians and I think a Japanese person (not seen them just there magazine!) The Italians just showed interesting in Tange but there english wasn't great and neither was my italian.

I cooked my own tea - some frozen, processed, cheap cheese crepes and some cheap pasta sauce, was acctually really nice, but hey its all in the preperation and I did used to work in an Ital....... After that I walked to the Eifel tower and climb the 700 steps to the second floor, I didn't get the lift to the top cause it would have meant busking for an extra euro and then not eating or doing anything tomorrow. 8euro doesn't go too far in Paris I would expect. But it is going to have to last a day.

Tange Update: Have given him a big walk around after the train ride and have stolen him some fresh lettuce so he is happy, its beginning to get cold tho.

August 12th Day 33 -

Random Information[edit]

Random Information
Trip Length 34 days
Hours on a Train 128.75, too many!
Distance Covered 4389, from Paris back to Paris
Average Speed 34 mph!!! Thats bloody rubbish!
Amount of night trains 3
Times Slept rough 4 (and a little bit!)
Best Hostel Hello BCN (Barcelona)
Most expensive hostel Durty Nellys (Amsterdam) 30 euro
Cheapest (that i paid for!) Hostel Didn´t have a name, Marrakech, £3.20
Weight Lost/Gained Lost 4.2Kg! 6% of my original weight!
Showers Taken 14! Disgusting!
Fun had Endless!

My Interrail Ticket[edit]

Date of Travel Departure Time Train Number Seat Sleeper From To Journey Time Supliment Charge Distance Traveled
12/7 7:25 9311 X Paris - Gare Nord Brussels Midi 1:45  ? 164 miles
12/7 9:46 X Brussels Midi Amsterdam Centraal 1:30  ? 107 miles
15/7 7:13 141 X Amsterdam Centraal Berlin HBF 6:30 3.00 358 miles
17/7 9:42 173 X Berlin HBF Praha-Holes 4:45 3.00 174 miles
20/7 12:40 121 X Praha-Holes Bratislava 2:45  ? 179 miles
22/7 X Bratislava Budapest Kel. 4:00  ? 103 miles
24/7 8:25 52EC X Budapest Kel. Venice S.Lucia 14:00 5.00 350 miles
26/7 22:52 358 X Venice S.Lucia Nice Ville 11:00 35.00 277 miles
29/7 6:00 17430 X Nice Ville Marseille St Char 2:30 0.00 99 miles
29/7 9:20 4756 X Marseille St Char Montpellier St-Ro 1:45 1.50 79 miles
29/7 11:41 76413 X Montpellier St-Ro Port Bou Espagne 2:45 0.00 90 miles
29/7 12:30 X Port Bou Espagne Barcelona Sants 3:00 0.00 82 miles
31/7 18:30 1688 X Barcelona Sants Madrid Atocha 5:00 6.50 318 miles
1/8 23:10 344 X Madrid Macmartic Algeciras 10:30 6.50 310 miles
2/8 21:30 X Tanger Marrakach 11:00 9.50 313 miles
5/8 11:00 X Marrakech Fez 9:00 6.00 241 miles
6/8 15:00 00022 X Fez Sidi Kacem 3:00 6.00 43 miles
6/8 18:30 X Sidi Kacem Tanger 3:00 0.00 108 miles
7/8 7:00 X Algeciras Bobadilla 3:00 0.00 76 miles
7/8 11:28 X Bobadilla Seville 1:30 7.00 75 miles
10/8 8:55 670 X Faro Lisboa Orient 4:00 3.00 134 miles
10/8 16:10 310 X Lisboa Orient Hendaye 15:00 27.00 500 miles
1/8 7:55 X Hendaye Paris Nord 6:00 14.00 426 miles


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