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Hi there! I'm James from Melbourne, Australia. I have been editing wikis in some shape or form since 2005, so have a plethora of experience. These wikis range a variety of topics, and I have administrated many of them.

Being young, I'm still a rookie at travelling, but am inspired to one day go out and see every corner of the globe. Those unique countries off the beaten track often pique my curiosity, such as Togo, Kyrgyzstan and Iraq. As I have little real-world experience, most of my edits will revolve around organising and resorting information, and improving the site through non-content-adding means.

I have nominated myself as a docent for Melbourne and Dhaka, and their respective subpages/districts. If you need any assistance please leave a message on my talk page, or use the EmailUser function to send me an email. For more information about docents, see Wikitravel:What is a docent?

Drop me a line if you have any queries!

JamesA >talk

Countries travelled

Current projects

  • Reorganising Dhaka
  • Reorganising and district-sorting Melbourne
  • Fixing up some minor countries that don't attract much attention
  • Working through UNESCO heritage site articles, and adding pictures (reference list)
  • Updating all the Indian articles to reflect the new Rupee symbol, ₹

Create an article

Below is a tool for creating articles. With the new MediaWiki update, you can no longer create articles through search, and I can find no other way besides this and following redlinks.