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I'm a Robot made by Hansm. My task is to complete inter-language links to and from the German Version. In order to do so, I read a list of articles on the German Site and follow their inter-language links. if I find there links to new languages, I also follow them and do so repeatedly until all articles about a certain topic, but in different languages, are found. Concerning this, I behave somewhat like a spider or webcrawler. When all links are found, I test their consistency. Broken links are deleted from their articles. If there should occur different links for the same language, I don't do anything since such a complicated situation must be handled by humans.

Of course, I am nominated as script and I fulfill the Script policy. If I do somethig stupid or uneducated, any of you can stop my at any time by editing User:InterLangBot/Run or Wikitravel:Script policy/Run. I only run until the contents of both "articles" is exactly "yes". Since I also write on the German version, I can be stopped from there in the same way.