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  • Currently residing in Franconia, and enjoying every beer.
  • Otherwise, Blacksburg is the home of choice.


  • Right now I'm trying to beef up and get some good framework done for the major cities in Franconia (yes, technically part of Bavaria, but don't mention that to the Franconians, they'll correct you in a heartbeat). It's lacking so much it probably discourages most people from adding small bits of information. If you have any thoughts on what I should add, what I've left out, or just random comments, feel free to light up my talk page or email.
  • Call me crazy, or maybe just my OCD, but I want to start getting some good maps up, too. I can only map where I know, so I'm starting with Germany and the places I've been. Let me know if a major city or sight really needs a map, I'll try to get on that.
  • A major project I'm delving into is beefing up the regional hierarchy of Germany. This has apparently been neglected until now, which is a shame for such a popular country for tourists. Maps, compiling some of the great info into regional and state pages, among others. Any help is welcome, and especially comments on my talk page are welcomed!
  • My notes for map making. Mainly for my own use in keeping consistent, but I put them here in case anyone was interested.

Maps I've Made[edit]


Germany Regions 02.png

Regions of Germany

Because of all the states (16 in all), required too many colors to label each state individually. Here they are colored by geographical region. There's also a version with transportation connections located here.


FranconiaRegionalMap 02.png

Map of Franconia

It seems like the autobahns overwhelm this map, due to the bright red. I also exported this PNG without the transportation, here.



Bayreuth, Germany

This was my first one, don't laugh. Planning to redo in the near future to make more consistent with my better Nuremberg map below, as well as other Wikitravel maps.

Nuremberg Altstadt.png

Nuremberg, Germany

Munich City Center.png

Munich, German

Munich's City Center is a bit big, so this map seems a bit hard to read to me. I'll try to work on that once I get a chance to make some updates and add a lot of attractions to the Munich article. That will require a facelift of the map anyways. Still trying to figure how to best fit the annotations box in there while still leaving the map not being huge and unwieldy.