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HM Safaris is a safari and leisure activities tour operator focused exclusively on tourism in Tanzania. HM Safaris provides a superior safari experience by hand picking the best, most professional tour guides available. We know that the critical element distinguishing a good safari from an unforgettable one is, without a doubt, the tour guide. The lodging, vehicle and food are, of course also critical, but if the guide is not personable, passionate and extremely knowledgeable about their surroundings, the journey loses its magic. Each of our expert guides has a minimum of 13 years’ experience and has been hand selected by an HM Safari owner and operator. We take the worry and anxiety out of safari planning - hakuna matata! A safari holiday can be one of the most expensive trips a person will take in their lifetime. Selecting the best, most reputable operator can be a stressful process and information on the various offerings is difficult to obtain. Everyone at Hakuna Matata Safaris has been on safari and has organized a safari. We know the anxiety involved in selecting the best destinations and in determining the right safari guide. Hakuna Matata is a phrase you will often hear in Tanzania, where the locals are generally laid back and relaxed, and it is what we say to you when you work with us to plan and create your dream safari.