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Brønnøy community Brønnøy community "on the river in the heart of Norway" Its beautiful and varied landscape makes it the perfect miniature of Norway to the west a myriad of islands bear the forces of the sea’s foaming waves while to the east majestic mountains stretch towards the skies reflected in glimpses of rivers and lakes. These glittering, silver lines crossing the towering slopes with their long, winding paths act like a magnet, drawing you to them. And between the coast and mountains are the beautiful fjords and fertile fields on the wide sandy plains. The landscape here is be witching, captivating visitors at first sight. The coastal town of Brønnøysund with its 4,000 inhabitants is the regional centre of South Helgeland Small airport, helicopter base, daily arrivals of Hurtigrute express boat. Brønnøysund is a centre for education, trade and services