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Komið þið sæl! hello! My name is Jóhann from Iceland, and I am interested in traveling everywhere! (Maybe everywhere except for Israel).

My next big trip is August 2008 (hopefully, good chance it might happen). The destination is:

I plan on taking a flight from Reykjavík - Frankfurt - Baku, then spending 2 or 3 days in Azerbaijan. Then I will take a train into Derbent, Dagestan for a night, then continue onwards to Mahachkala, the capital of Dagestan. After spending no more than 2 nights in Dagestan, I will take a train from Mahachkala to Grozny, the capital of beautiful Chechnya. I will either stay in Grozny for a month or stay with my friend in Shali. I will explore most parts of Chechnya. Any tips you have, rather than saying "dont go its dangerous" will be greatly appreciated.

And I am also very active on "Wikipedia Chechen" ( where I am a bureaucrat, so I know Wikipedia in and out. :)