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Hi travellers!

Having my roots in southern germany i feel as kosmopolitan as probably most of you who travelled a lot. I like many places in the world, preferrably the warm and sunny ones, ie Jamaica or [Thailand]]. I love to talk to people and so i learned to love languages, it's easy to become able to talk to the majority of world's people if one can speak english, spanish, portuguese and arabic - the last three i really have to improve to reach that goal.

Arabia is for example one of my favourite areas, having been to Egypt and Marocco, the people i met there were ok and i like them for their lack of superflouent politeness. I was in Western Australia, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Miami, Europe almost completely - Andalusia the most often cause my grandma has a nice house there near the beach :-)

I want to go to South Africa, Iraque, Peru, Brasilia, Russia, China, ehmm... everywhere to be honest :) and i work on my philosophy of being a Rolling Stone even having a family, i work on convincing them of the beauty of foreign countries and people and will start travelling after a meanwhile three-year break because of caring for our two babies; hopefully also our older daughters which my wive brought with her get not to sticky to germany in the next time.

I'm not sure if and how much i can work on the content in wikitravel, just was in the mood to look for some beach fotos and decided to surf here...

Have a nice day, whereever you are!

florian, 05-07-20

Contact : - see also my homepage on german wikitravel


I'm a fan of Hospitality exchange being a member of GFL since a few years and since this year i'm also a couchsurfer. I had not often the opportunity to request for that service as i havent travelled often the last few years as mentioned above and when i did it was always to short-term to get an accommodation. :p No problem for me as i love to sleep outdoor and dont fear anything, neither wild animals, spiders, gangsters, police officer nor rain or cold hehe. - flo