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The best dishes of the cuisine of Laos

When traveling to Laos you can not ignore the food culture here. With the long-standing food culture, every Laotian dishes that taste and names are made up of manners, opinions, closeness, very human people. Many tourists travel to Laos must amazed thought the food is simple but offers the taste, the feeling is great.

1. Khao Jee

Khao Jee is a street food can be found in any street in Laos. Jee Khao somewhat crispy crust, made from tomato's, cheese, chili sauce and pork. Also there's Khao Jee chicken, avocado, bacon very special. This is considered a favorite breakfast dish of Laos people and tourists to travel here.

2. Khao Niaw

Khao Niaw rice is cooked in plastic, stick with an ivory white, like sticky rice in Vietnam. Laotians generally contained in Khao Niaw small basket weaving bamboo very rustic and simple. Khao Niaw served with sauces bring different flavors.

3. Greece

Greece is a very popular dish in Laos. Greece has many types made from chicken, beef, pork, fish, duck, ... mixed with chopped liver, lemon juice, hearing, pepper, herbs. Greek eat with sticky jar, vegetables.

4. Tam Mak Houng

Tam Mak Houng is actually green papaya salad. Tam Mak Houng is made from papaya cooked enough not overcooked or green. Papaya is scraped down into fibers, cut into long thin pieces to taste. Then squeeze the lemon papaya, chili, salt, sugar, fish sauce. Mannequin papaya sour taste of lemon, spicy peppers spicy, slightly sweet taste and smell of fish sauce.

5. Sindad (Lao babercue)

Sindad (Lao babercue) actually baking dish of Laos. Sindad (Lao babercue) are baked on metal grill round. You can choose your favorite meat was marinated to bring up the grill and enjoy.

6. Or Lam

Or Lam is a very popular dish and is the most popular in the north of Laos. Or Lam is a stew made from primary raw materials are vegetables, beans, black mushrooms, dried beef, peppers, herbs. This is considered a main dish in the meal of the people of Laos.

7. Kai Ping

Ping Kai is the grilled chicken was very much loved. Chicken marinated with lots of spices such as black pepper, garlic, coriander roots, salt, fish sauce and then grilled over charcoal fire carried pink. In some parts of outer leaves sticky pieces grilled chicken then carried away and eaten with sticky rice.

8. False OUA

OUA's wrong sausages typical of Laos. Sai OUA made from garlic, minced ginger, lime leaves, fish sauce, salt pork. These materials will be carried out on pig hearts carried away stuffed boiled and fried golden.

9. Khao Pun

Khao Pun main ingredient is made from coconut milk is so bold aroma. Khao Pun more peppers to create colorful, spicy taste increases. Khao Pun can add the pork, beef, fish, ... depending on the preferences of each place.

10. Sen Khao Piak

Khao Piak Sen also known as Lao Pho, the dish is used for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Khao Piak Sen made from noodles, broth is security from the bones, beef, or chicken with all the trimmings.