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  • My user name is actually a pseudonym; I use it on the Wikipedia, as well.
  • I live in Independence, Missouri, just outside of Kansas City.
  • My pseudonym "Ecjmartin" is derived from three first names in my family, plus my mother's maiden name.
  • I am not a native Missourian; I was born in Michigan, but spent most of my childhood in Daleville, Alabama.
  • I am married to the most wonderful, caring, beautiful woman in all the world (hey, it's my userpage; no NPOV here!!)!
  • I have a lifelong love of learning, and really like the Wiki concept, even if I tend to edit just a bit too much!
  • While I have had limited travel experience to date, I love learning about other cultures and lands.
  • I really think the Wikitravel website is a cool idea, whether for actual travel, or simply learning about another locale.