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Mysterious Myatshintaw

Myatshintaw Pyilonechanthar is located at the bank of the Darka river, in Kyaunggon township(Southern), the lowlands of Ayeyarwaddy Delta Region. In olden days, Kyaunggon was just a little village and had so many difficulties in transportation systems like trains and even highways. But now, there are many ways to get there. It is 40 miles away from the capital of Ayeyarwaddy _Pathein and near Pantanaw which U Thant (Third Secretary-General of the United Nations) was born. There are many historical pagodas and shrines which are mostly unknown in Ayeyarwaddy Region. But, Myatshintaw Pyilonechanthar is one of the well-known historical, ancient and important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Burma.

Basic information
Geographic coordinates 17 5’ 45”N 95 9’ 45”E
Population 182000 (2004)
Area 168185 acres
Ethnicities Mon, Kayin, Burmese, Shan, Chin
Affiliation Theravada Buddhism
Country Kyaunggon Township, Pathein District, Ayeyarwady Region,Yangon(Burma)
Status Active
Founder Sayadaw Buddhanta
Completed June 1905 <1267 (Myanmar Year),14 Na yon (Waxing of the moon)>

Specifications The followings are a few dimensions of this famed image. Elevation - 25’7” Breath from shoulder to shoulder-4’ Its base the breath- 6’

History According to the legend, Mon and Kayin ethics have believed in Theravada Buddhism for nearly hundred years ago. Myatshintaw Pyilonechanthar was built by Sayadaw Buddhanta who had 21years experienced in Vinaya. There were about twenty old shrines near Zayyonegard (Southern Kyaunggon). They are respectable but they are in unsuitable atmosphere. When Sayadaw saw them, he had an idea to do refurbishment and built into the one the whole 12 years. At that moment, Sayadaw discussed with the mayor U Shwe Thar who also interests in Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha(Triple Gem) . The mayor told that he would take responsibilities to develop as much as he could. According to the speech, he gathered all residents to move or shift the shrines and they accepted. And then, they collected the donation fees and determined that Dakkhinayarma (Shwe Kyin) monastery is the best environment to revere Buddha image. Myatshintaw Pyilonechanthar was believed by Sayadaw in 1267 (Myanmar year). It is completed at 2 pm in Wagaung (the waning of the moon) on Friday. Architecture After Myatshintaw Pyilonechanthar was worshipped, Sayadaw offered Tankeltaw made of teak and it also includes Kanote which describes the evolution of Buddhism. It is the most unique archaeological sculptures. In the temple, many lacquer paintings and the ceiling (the glass mosaic embedded in gilding) can be learned.

Festivals Its pagoda festival is yearly held in Tazaungmone period (in November). There are also fire balloon festival, lighting festivals (over 3000-5000 light sculptures or laterns), and Satu di tha (feast given in charity for all comers).

Get in - Get out To get Kyaunggon, it is about 60 miles from Hinthada, 80 miles from Yangon, 40 miles from Pathein and, Kyonepyaw, Yaykyi and Athoke are passed. As it is located in Ayeyarwaddy Division, you can get from Yangon-Pathein highway, Monywa-Pathein highway, Hinthada-Kyonepyaw highway and Eainmel highway. For the bus fees, it can cost just 3000-5000 MMK and it may take 3 hours to get there. It can be chosen daily 6am, 8am, 10am, 12pm buses from Dagon Ayeyar highway bus station.