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I'm a retired physician who lead an interesting and varied life. Among my experiences was being a top national sales person for a major insurance company, a commercial real estate broker and manager for a company with 65 offices around the US specializing in barter and non-cash deals, avionic electronics and hospital administration while in the USAF, living and working all over the US and Australia, being a professional Boy Scout Executive (I'm an Eagle Scout), teaching continuing medical education (CME) courses to over 1,000 doctors, and teaching over 50 large audience seminars on interpersonal communications skills under the title "The Fine Art of Flirting" (I was single at the time).

Now I spend my time as a business consultant and on running my own Internet businesses. I devote some time to volunteer work as an instructor for free public health and finance seminars for Community Health Training, Inc. I travel a lot, play with grand kids, read and try to stay out of trouble.

Most of my life has been dealing with getting the right result with the wrong tools, parts and processes. It's bred an interesting and creative independence in me. As such I tend to solve problems outside of the box - and it's fun and satisfying.

The best advice I can think of is to be self reliant to a fault. Live a life trying to not harm others, but never be afraid to be honest or stupidly incorrect. Most of that crap is pure lie anyway.

You can contact me at [email protected]