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Originally from, I lived in Bothell from March 2002 to April 2004, when I moved to to take a job based on an offer that in reality didn't match the job at all.

In June 2004 I relocated again, returning to Salt Lake City where I planned to attend the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. In November 2004 I was offered a fantastic opportunity to return to the company I worked for in Bothell, so in January 2005 I packed up and moved (third time in nine months!) and now I live in Mill Creek.

Over 3,000 miles of driving around the western United States and I ended up living 3 miles from my previous apartment. gah!

Don online[edit]

  • - personal weblog
  • - photographs snapped with my camera phone or sent to me by friends/family with camera phones
  • Flickr photos - largely duplicates of the site, but offers the ability to comment on the photos

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