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Dohnutman's Wiki – About Me[edit]

I was born and raised in California, (Bay Area) and moved to Boston, Massachusetts to attend college. Met my wife and never moved back….

Travel Interests[edit]

Places: Countries, States, Cities, and Regions I love to visit or would love to visit. (These are also areas I will try to contribute Articles to.)

In the US

Golden Gate Bridge from Marin County with San Francisco in background

California – the Golden State

  • Bay Area – Home Sweet Home
  • California Delta – a.k.a the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta - Very hard area to photograph but a very fascinating landscape full of levees (most of the area is 15 feet above sea level with some areas below sea level) , draw bridges, walnut grooves, and vineyards.
  • Half Moon Bay – Beach and surf city. Fun to explore Highway 92 and the Highway 1 (a.k.a the Pacific Coast Highway.)
  • Menlo Park – Not Menlo Park in NJ
  • Mountain View (California)
  • Palo Alto – a.k.a. "Shallow Alto" cause of the high yuppie and student populations, but still a neat city to explore.
  • San Francisco – love "the City" even though it can be a huge tourist trap.
  • San Jose (California)

Hawaii – Aloha! Also scoffing at you Cape Cod beaches!!

First Parish Meeting House on the Common, Shirley, MA

Massachusetts – Pahk the Cah in the Yahd (Yes some people REALLY speak that way.)


  • Las Vegas – There is more to do in Vegas than just gamble. (No really there is.)

Oregon – Pronounced like Organ NOT Oro-Gone like the Chowdah-heads say :-)

Washington & the Pacific Northwest (United States of America)

United States National Parks – I have a buddy whose mission is to see all the NPS parks by 2010. I hope to join him on some of those adventures.

The Caribbean & the North Atlantic – Scoff at you Cape Cod beaches!! Yes the water really is that blue, the sand that white, and heat that hot!

Future Caribbean Trips on the Radar – Going to *try* to see 1 to 3 islands a year.

North Atlantic

  • Islands in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Berry Islands
Cat Island
Crooked Island
Grand Bahama
Long Island
New Providence
Ragged Island
Rum Cay
San Salvador

The Caribbean side of – Central & South America – Joining in on the laughter of Cape Cod beaches :-)

The regions of the South Pacific [Oceania] – Yep - Scoffing at the Cape Cod beaches as well!!

The countries of Mediterranean Europe – Also Scoffing at the Cape Cod beaches as well!!

I can get the wife to brave it – East Asia & Southeast Asia

Canada, Mexico, Central, & South America as well as (Europe are on the radar too!)

(So many places, so little time and money :-)


en This user is a native speaker of English.
es-1 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.

What do you call someone who speaks 3 languages? (Tri-lingual) 2 languages? (Bi-lingual) 1 language? (AMERICAN :-)

I volunteered to be a docent for the Bay Area, Cape Cod, & Caribbean (Areas where I have spent or plan to spend significant amounts of my life!)

Please feel free to contact me by email by using the "E-mail this user" link in the toolbox to the left. Include "Wikitravel" in the subject line or I'm likely to chuck it as spam or junk :-)

In the mean time here are some helpful Wiki Links: