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My name is Francis Turner and I was born and raised in England. I live on the French Riviera and have travelled extensively. At last count I had been to all but about 10 US states, half the provinces of Canada and over 40 countries (at least one of which no longer exists) in all continents except Antartica.

My nickname is my hash name and in fact hashing is one reason why I have travelled so extensively. I have a fotolog - - and a personal web page .

A challenge: I posted a photo on my fotolog which has 3 countries in it - - and I wondered whether anyone could improve on that without using aerial or satellite imagery. I am coming to the belief that in the world we live in today it is impossible to see 4 countries at once because places where there are mountains high enough to peek across a couple of borders don't have the requisite fourth country nearby... but I'd love to be proven wrong