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Research checklists[edit]

These checklists aim to help an average traveler to notice and write about things useful for Wikitravel that he doesn't always need as an ordinary traveler.

We don't mean that every aspect should be included into every review or listing--but these are things that do matter for other travelers. Not all of them are equally important, but having some information is better than having none.


  • how much time to plan for a typical visit

Airport (in city article)[edit]

  • checkin specifics
  • sequence of stages (checkin, security check, customs and passport control)
  • availability in every stage of:
    • cafes (or vending machines)
    • toilets
    • enough seats (if at all)
    • space to take a snooze
    • overall: does it make sense to complete all stages ASAP, or to wait until last moment
  • airlines served [by each terminal]
  • terminals within one hub
    • distance between terminals: walking or transport; time between terminals
  • transfer
    • overall time to transfer from one flight to another, per arrival and departure terminal
    • minimum time between connecting flights that allows seeing the city's center between the flights: how much time it takes from plane landing to reaching the downtown, plus to get in from downtown to plane seat (including passport control and security check etc, if applicable)
  • dutyfree
    • unique/rare products or souvenirs
    • how prices compare to traditional stores in the city
    • open hours
    • whether the same store is also available for arriving passengers
  • taxfree refund
    • open hours
    • location of taxfree refund office
    • refund procedure specifics
  • transport from/to the nearest city
    • for each transport type: time required; price; open hours; convenience with much luggage; accessibility with a stroller (stairs to overcome?)
  • time between different airports of the city; transport between airports: same as transport:from/to the nearest city


  • travellers mix: percentage of nationalities; average age; families/students/retired
  • (im)personal
  • helpful staff? насколько с большими / сложными просьбами он с радостью помогает регулярно (не только однажды)
  • estimate number of rooms (5? 30? 300?)
  • shared space for groups to spend time together
  • common space to spend time with hotel staff / other travelers
  • views (and which rooms have a view)
  • bathroom: private or shared; rooms per bathroom if shared (always occupied vs always free)
  • physical address
  • how often the whole room is cleaned (floor, bathroom, table, balcony etc)
  • how often sheets are changed
  • room interior
  • lobby interior
  • year first opened / year of last renovation
  • restaurant: how good; what's special about it
  • breakfast:
    • included?
    • continental|American|local
    • recommended compared to nearby restaurants?
  • (other attributes from Wikitravel:Accommodation listings)


  • physical address
  • web site
  • interior
  • visitors mix: percentage of locals vs expats vs travelers; average age
  • recommended dishes
  • atmosphere
  • service charge included?
  • VAT included?
  • open hours
  • price for typical meal
  • (other attributes from Wikitravel:Restaurant listings)

Cafe / coffee house[edit]

  • brands of tea served (Lipton VS Ronnefeldt or Newby)