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  • find best practices on describing destinations from notebook user's perspective, promote that examples; define recommendations for contributing to other articles

What to cover[edit]


  • How common is it for notebook users to work in public locations

Get in[edit]

  • wifi in airport: speed and price


  • сafes with wifi available.

See[edit][add listing]

  • breathtaking locations for real creativity boost: mountain tops; rooftop cafes (or in Eat/Drink?)

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • hotels providing laptop-related services: free wifi; public printer/scanner; ubiquitous AC plugs


  • provide local standards for wi-fi prices and speeds
  • wi-max availability, contract conditions and prices

Stay safe[edit]

  • safety considerations (and threats / state of security) for notebook holders in public places: parks, cafes, underground trains, airports, libraries

Travel topic[edit]


Travelers take a laptop notebook with them for variety of reasons:

  • pure business travellers: their primary reason for travelling is business purposes
  • business even during vacation / holidays: able to reply to urgent email and resolve urgent technical things even while being on a vacation
  • creativity: when away from day-to-day routine, they are able to create something impossible at home
  • photos: save from a camera; photoshop them; show previous trips to fellow traveller
  • watch movies
  • entertain kids (with movies or games)
  • read Wikitravel and contribute to it :-)

Practical tips[edit]

  • if you take movies with you, consider taking a VGA cable: as more and more hotels equip their rooms with flat-screen TVs, it is much easier to connect them to your laptop than to find a DVD player in a hotel. Especially true if you rip DVDs to your HDD to reduce luggage size.